Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Wonderings

Today is a day for pondering our most frequently wondered wonderings.
For example... I often wonder if Eloise is going to grow into those big bat ears of hers.
(I know you've seen this photo before, but gosh-by-golly it's a cute one... and it demonstrates the ear question oh so well!)

I wonder if Eloise is going to be a midget forever.
(While Charlie wonders how to get in... and Henry and Eloise wonder how to get out.)

I wonder if I will ever get to use my camera without dodging kitten claws again.

I wonder if I should just detach the lens cap and strap from the camera body.

"Porter consulted the Magic 8 Ball and it said to just get used to it, Lady."

I wonder how the glass to the foster room door gets so dirty.

Well, I knew how the outside of the door got so dirty



Got It!!  Thank you for the demonstration.

I wonder what Porter's obsession with feet is all about.

I guess I don't have to wonder if my feet stink.

I wonder if kittens possibly come in a more handsome model than Henry.

I wonder how much longer until I can stop medicating this face 
(and start kissing the bejeebers out of it instead!)

He's come a long way, baby.  Porter has a couple new spots, but the painful ones on his face are healing (and he doesn't resist medicating the others as much... hallelujah!)

I also don't have to wonder if Porter will ever be my friend.  He's becoming quite insistent upon it. A Porter purr is one of the nicest sounds you will ever hear.

I wonder how I will ever let him go.
(And the others... but don't tell my husband)


  1. Love the "flehmen face" (or "stink face," as we called it before I knew the terminology) Porter is giving you! One of my cats does the same thing with my toes. I always want to know what it is that she is smelling, because I can't detect anything. She does love feet, though... She spends way too much time snuffling about in and sitting on my and my husband's shoes. Weirdo.

    Tabbies are so handsome, I agree. And I'm so glad to see that Porter's cute little face is clearing up!

    1. I'm just thrilled that I finally got the "flehmen" on camera. Porter tells me daily that my foot washing is not up to his standards ;-)

  2. The good thing about having a group of three is that it's out of the question that you'll keep them all. If it was just one (ahem, Penny, heheh), you might be able to convince yourself that "just one more" would hardly be noticeable, but with three there's just no way. Obviously the "just one more" adds up, since I just-one-more'd my way to 14!

    1. I love Penny, but she would honestly be the last one I'd keep (at least today). She gets along well with the dog, but not so thrilled with the boy kitties. She started a chain reaction that began World War III in my kitchen this afternoon. I'm still finding fur clumps.... argh.

      I'd be forced to quit fostering long before I got to 14, either that or I'd be divorced ;-) Crazy thing is that he'd never consider himself a cat person, but he thinks Norman's the most awesome cat ever. Good thing since we're definitely keeping him.

  3. Those are great things to ponder. Mom was wondering the size thing this morning when she discovered Doc weighs almost a pound more than his she was driving Sally back home from the clinic since they can't spay her yet (too tiny). sigh.....

    Love those ears - our former momma cat Wendy had a nice set of radar dishes that mom loved. :)

    1. I'd bet the difference between Henry and Eloise is more than a pound now (and bigger still between her and Porter). She's growing, but nowhere near her brothers.

      Between the ears and the short legs, our Eloise has quite a distinctive look.

  4. Yup, those sick ones sure do worm their way right into your heart and soul. It's why I no longer foster only kittens..

    You do know they make window clings to cover up the windows so the animals can't see through. You could do just the bottom foot or two with something textured.. it would keep things clean... well cleaner..

    1. Eh... I complain about the nose prints, but I'm loving the interaction that the kittens are getting. They can't have real contact, but at least they're getting some socialization with Charlie and Norman that way.

      Porter was originally a single (and still sometimes sticks out like one). I can understand why it's difficult to just have one. They're easier to keep that way!

  5. I wonder how the heck those kitties can be SOOO cute! I also wonder how long it will be till I get my own animal because I have a feeling that after a certain time period the resistance is futile.

    1. I can't believe you don't have one already! I'm sure there are a few of us here that could hook you up when you're ready ;-)

  6. It melts my heart to hear Porter has warmed up to you!

    1. Mine, too!! He really is the sweetest thing!