Monday, February 24, 2014

Update Central

For those of you who are not on Facebook, we have been receiving Emmy (Mae) updates throughout the weekend.

From Saturday:

"I'm just hanging out with my Mom, making biscuits, watching The West Wing on Netflix."

And in the comments under the photo: "Shortly after this photo, she moved over to the cat tree in front of the window, took a bath, stood on her hind legs to get a closer look at some bug friends on the other side of the window and kept watch on the goings on out front."

From Sunday:

"This ribbon is really fun!!"

And again from the comments: "Girlfriend was chilling on the cat perch in the window when I came home from the market. She's definitely feeling comfortable in her room. I think she knows she's home."

Gee.... Ya think? Love love love love love :-)

Additional updates from an alumnus not named Emmy:

It seems that someone has discovered the top of the kitchen cabinets at his house.

Get a load of that tail!

"WHAT? I should not be up here?"

I guess it's only fitting that our boy Grizzly found his way up to the highest place in the kitchen.

His mama was pretty fond of the view from on top of my cabinets too.


  1. AAAAAHHHHH! Double-dose of kitty updates! LOVE IT! Always so very happy to see the babies living out their happy little lives in their forever homes where you just know they are being adored (as it should be!).


  2. woohoo - love those updates. Mae is gonna be thrilled come spring when she discovers that Texas has lizards :)

  3. Two of the most striking, loving kitties ever struck gold, didn't they?! Many congratulations to all concerned. But wait: make that three -- even though this isn't an official Clara update, just seeing that girl is a joyful reminder of her happy ending.

    1. Aww... what a lovely message -- thank you for that :)

      It IS high time for an official Clara update, isn't it? I shall work on that, but the brief update is that Clara is doing really well! I do love her SO very much... she is a joy and a blessing, and she makes me laugh every single day! And oh my word, is she ever a sweet and loving girl. And so energetic too -- she definitely likes to put on her crazy pants a few times a day!! :)

  4. Hey, that cabinet-perching girl in the last picture looks an a-w-f-u-l lot like a sweet and fluffy girl I am looking at RIGHT NOW!!! Imagine that?! :)

    Wow, Clara's own tail is quite flooftastic, but I think her boy's tail is even more flooftastic!!

  5. LOVE the picture of Emmy-Mae with the ribbon!!