Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's Up? Kitten Butt

As soon as baby kittens are born, everyone wants to know one thing: gender. It is a very important concept, especially when it comes to naming. There's just one problem... Kitten sexing is so darn hard, folks.

I'd like to think that I have an "eye" for it (now there's something to be proud of!). In our previous litters at Teeny Tiny Tabby Town, I have scored 100% in kitten butt identification. Fresh out of the oven kittens can pose a bit of an extra challenge, though. It's a tiny bit early for foolproof accuracy. I've sexed them, re-sexed them, and even brought in some experts. That's right, kitten porn has been sent around the internet in an attempt to get our answers right before passing them on to you. And then I had an idea...

Why don't YOU help us?

And a new contest was born.

In order for everyone to get a fresh chance, no matter when they load our page full of butts, all entries must be e-mailed to me at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com by 11:59 pm Eastern time on Friday May 29th. Identify each kitten by number and let me know your opinion on it's gender.

Kitten butts will be officially re-evaluated by a panel of internet experts on Monday June 1st and two winners will be chosen from all entries. First prize will be awarded to the reader who correctly identified the most kitten nether-regions. In the event of a tie, all qualifying entries will be put into a hat with the winner being chosen at random by the teenager who happens to be the closest to me at the moment.

A special additional prize winner will be chosen (again by said teenager) at random from everyone who correctly guesses the gender of a certain random kitten. Kitten number will be drawn from a hat and then everyone who correctly guessed that kitten will have their names thrown into the drawing for the bonus prize. Confused yet?

You may change your minds and your entries right up until 11:59 pm on Friday. Whichever list I receive last from you will become your official entry. Prizes will come from far and wide, may not be worth much, but will make the kitty at your house feel special.

And so, without further ado, I present the tushies for your consideration:


1     1     1    1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1  


 2     2     2     2     2     2     2     2      2      2     2     2     2     2     2     2     2


3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3     3


4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4     4


5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5     5

Good luck. Have fun. Don't forget to share with your friends and don't forget to E-MAIL your submissions (but also don't forget to make cute comments below).

Oh... did you want to see kitten face today too? Well, I might have some of those around here too.

"No. No kitten face here. You get Dahlia face until the kitten behaves."

"This sort of thing gets a kitten put into time out!"

"Oh, o-KAY... You can see the baby."


  1. The baby face is much cuter than the butts. Sweet babies!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I finally seen where to email so I deleted my guess. But I can't find a email.

    1. I'm a idiot...I realize now where to email you LOL!

    2. I've got it. The messenger auto-emails comments to me, so your first comment landed in my inbox. But for anyone else who needs it: teenytinytabbies @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

  4. FUN FUN FUN! I know nothing about kitty butts but I might be able to find some info (this is the internet after all) Is research allowed? Well even if not I love the baby pics!

  5. Those are some adorable, but mostly gender-indeterminate, kitten butts!

  6. I'm standing behind my original guess.. although I'm not sure I get to guess

  7. KITTEN BUTTS!!!!! (ahem...had to get that out of my system)

    Gosh, I had a hard enough time sexing the 2 litters I rescued (and I never got 100% right) so via pictures is tough, but I'm game to guess anyway!!

  8. Well, I missed the deadline for submitting my guesses, but in my research on how to sex kittens, I learned a heck of a lot about that (skill?) (art?) Will be standing by for results!