Friday, June 22, 2012

Deputy Dawg

Full Name:  Charlie Brown Bear (It's an homage to his predecessor Grizzly Bear)

Nicknames:  Chuck, Chuckie, Chuckie Doodle, Bonehead, Doofus... Doesn't matter, he pretty much answers to everything anyway

Birthdate: 2006-ish (making him roughly 6 years old)

"Gotcha Day":  September 4, 2011

Favorite Activities: Toy Hoarding, Fetching a tennis ball, Playing tug-o-war, Chasing a laser light, Looking for bunnies in the backyard

Profession: Deputy of Teeny Tiny Tabby Town

We adopted Chuckles from Last Day Dog Rescue over Labor Day weekend.  As the rescue's name implies, he was sprung from animal control in a rural county in the northern lower peninsula on his last allotted day.  My average sized chocolate lab weighed just 50 pounds at the shelter.  He also has two large fatty lipomas (one on his rib cage and one on his belly)

On the way home from the rescue... Giving me the eyes of love and contemplating how to jump over the seats of the mini-van to reach me.  He figured it out.  ;-)

I couldn't possibly be more grateful to the folks at Last Day Dogs.  They looked at an emaciated dog with tennis ball sized lumps on his body and saw him as a life worth saving.  Today, he is a healthy 85 pounds and worth the world to us.

We were looking for a mature dog to replace our Grizzly's place in the household.  Charlie was 5 years old and supposedly arthritic.  The rescue called him "Mellow Fellow" in his pet listing.  I spent the first week with him wondering if they gave us the wrong dog.

While I suppose Charlie is mellow in comparison to a puppy, there's a ton of play left in him.  In fact, he insists.  If he's in the mood to play and you're ignoring him, you very well might get a tennis ball bounced off your body until you relent.  He might squeak a squeaky toy for hours at a time with a huge smile on his face.  Far and away, his favorite game is chasing the laser pointer.  I bought it as a cat toy, but the cats won't go anywhere near it for fear of being bowled over by the dog.  His laser light adoration borders on obsession.

This NEEDS to be remade with a photo of a chocolate lab.

Charlie loves the cats.  They are mostly indifferent to him.  But when they scrap, Deputy Dawg runs straight into the fracas to break it up.  

Mighty Mutt... saving our household from one cat fight at a time.

Make sure you come back on Monday.  There's only one permanent resident left and I hear he has a bit of a fan club hanging out on the interwebs.  


  1. Oh.My.Gawd. That 2nd photo (eyes of love) says it all. What a great story. I had a chocolate lab teenager once and he was a maniac so I'm not surprised he still has lots of play in him at his age...labs are so young at heart. I love that he breaks up the catfights! You have such a great entourage of fuzzies!

  2. I love the Eyes of Love picture, too. He sounds like a total sweetheart.

    (Also, I know who's coming Monday! Yay! Heheh.)