Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bitey Little Brats

Our baby Jeffersons are five weeks old now.  You know what that means, right?  They have graduated from sweet little dumplings into bitey little brats.

They bite toys.
They bite fingers.
"Oops... Sorry, Lady.  It's just that Willie Rae finds your fingers soooooooooo tasty!"
They bite each other.
"Lionel has another one of his brilliant ideas!  Let's get Mama!"
(and jazz hands!)
"DON'T bite me!"

But by far, the bitiest brat of them all is one Clayton Jefferson.
"Who? ME?" 
Yes, YOU.
Clay is an equal opportunity biter.  Clay bites fingers.
Clay bites hands...
And more hands.
Clay bites clothes.  Clay is especially fond of zipper pulls.
The world is a snack-a-palooza to our man Clay.
"You got a problem with that, Lady??"

In Clay's defense, he is also very interested in the right kind of biting.
All five kittens bellied up to the plate on Tuesday. 
Even Willie Rae, who is the most insistent upon Mama snacks.

Mama still likes her alone time, but she will nurse kittens who demand it.
Those kittens are Willie Rae (duh) and Florence.
Lionel and Roxie almost never join in.
Clay is somewhere in the middle.


Health Updates

I've heard that our Miss Mally is healing quickly and is almost ready to join her brothers at Petco.  I can't wait to squeeze the stuffing out of her!

The trio of upper respiratory seems much improved in the past 24 hours.  We have made plans to switch up the living arrangements and alter the plan for their return to Petco.  Tika is making the slowest recovery, so she will be moving to another foster home who just had a special spot open up for her.  She will get more attention and babying there.  Henry and Abby are improving steadily but will need an extra week to make sure the wheezing is gone before the return to the store.  So stay tuned for more of the dynamic duo because we get to keep them for seven additional days :-)


  1. So small yet so much cuteness! Thanks for the update Kelly. I would love to see some pictures of Henry. How is Eloise doing btw-I miss her :(

    1. Oh how I wish for an update from the Wheeze, but we have heard nothing since her adoption. I am certain she has her new family and two boys wrapped around her little toe bean (as it should be)

      I will do my best for a Henry photo, but lately it seems he is happiest when sitting on my head (which makes things just a bit difficult). Okay, at his size he is balanced precariously between the top of my head and the back of the sofa... if he were totally on my head it would hurt! Tomorrow's post is already done, but if we're lucky you'll see him on Friday.

  2. yep - our tinies are starting into the bitey phase as well. though not so much on the kibble....closest they get to that was one of the boys walking through the dish last night as their mom was eating. MOL

    1. Well, at least he's getting acquainted with what food feels like! :-)

  3. Clay, you could bite my fingers any day..

    1. Clay would be more than happy to take you up on your generous offer ;-)

  4. Little nibblers! Probably the reason I think it's so cute is that it's not MY fingers they're chewing! MOL

    1. That's the thing about new teeth... they're SHARP! Those baby teeth hurt ever so much more than when old man Norman decides to give me a nibble ;-)