Thursday, October 25, 2012

Telling the Tabbies Apart on Thursday

Okay, so yesterday's challenge wasn't quite fair (especially given the fact that most members of my own family cannot tell the terrific tabby trio of the upstairs apart).  But now you know the confusion that I'm living with ;-)

The Answers

1.  Abby
Note the big round bug eyes.  It's the eyes that I check whenever I'm confused whether I have Abby or Tika.

2.  Tika
Tika, while it is harder to tell in this picture, is more angular in the face and has "normal" eye size and structure.

3.  Abby
Check out those eyes.  They'll give her away every single time.

4.  Henry
Henry is the easiest to distinguish in person because he is so much bigger than the girls (outweighing each of them by nearly two pounds).  In photos, he tends to resemble Tika so it can get harder to differentiate.

5.  Abby
She's the sweetest looking tabby in the foster room.  She also has the sweetest personality.  Those eyes do not lie.

6.  Henry
This look is quintessential Henry.  For such a lover boy, he can give you the haughtiest glances.  It's as if he simply cannot believe you could be so ridiculous.

7.  Tika
The squint is pure Tika.  She's the hellion of the room and always appears to be hatching a dastardly scheme.

8. Lionel
9. Florence
The key to telling Lionel and Florence apart (aside from the anatomical differences at the back) is in the head shape and in the eyes.  Florence is almost perfectly round in both places, while Lionel is more angular with almond shaped eyes.


Please Stand By

Our next full post will be tomorrow.  Besides Halloween costume construction, my son's football game, and game one of the World Series (sigh... I'm writing during the 4th inning and hoping for a big comeback), the day got away from me and photos just aren't happening today.

We've had a return of upper respiratory among the upstairs kittens, which involves:
1. A nebulizer treatment with Baytril, Dex, and saline administered twice per day times three            days
2. Clavamox twice daily for ten days
3. Liquid Baytril once a day for ten days
4. Lysine gel twice per day for ten days

This is mainly for Abby... who was so sick on Monday that I was truly worried for her.  She bounced back quickly and, while she is still a bit drippy and sneezy, she is much much much better.  The other two are just a bit wheezy and are already considered mostly healthy (at least in my book).  And imagine the medication process with kittens who are difficult to tell apart... "Did you get your medicine yet?"  Thankfully Abby is a million times easier to dose than Tika (which tips me off yet again).

The kittens were supposed to attend an adoption expo over the weekend, but unless a miracle happens they will stay home with me instead.  I won't be sorry to hang onto them for a while longer.  The downstairs kittens are still a bit young for such events, so we will remain at capacity for at least another week.

I'll return tomorrow with more cute kitten pictures :-)


  1. I always thought that Henry had the squinty look mastered so that's why I had guessed him for #7. Once you okayed Abby being the big eyed kitty at #1 it was pretty easy to match the rest up. I tried to let others guess but oh well. Take care of those sniffles for them.

  2. Yep - mom gets the squinty look here too!! Bummed about no comeback - maybe they are just lulling the Giants into complacency.

  3. Sorry to hear about illness. Hope it clears quickly. I just dropped our latest TNR back into the woods, *sigh* 5months old Tuxie male. Here rural CA where no one neuters their pets, we're trying to clean up our corner. So it’s wonderful to see safe & warm kitties. Thank for the pile'Otabby.