Friday, October 5, 2012

Mother and the Jeffersons

Mother Jefferson is SUCH a good mama.  But as all mamas know, mamas need a break every once in a while.

"Yes... They're at it again."
"Seriously, I can't remember when was the last time that I got to lay down without being attacked by wolves."

**Note: Photos of nursing kittens needed to be taken through the glass doors to the foster room because once distracted...

"Hey... Where'd Mama go???"
Mama's at the door.  Not sure whether she's inviting me in or begging to get out.

Whenever I enter the foster room, the kittens are all over me in their excitement.  So I sit down on the floor to entertain the munchkins and give Mama a break.
It looks something like this.
It's never long before Mother Jefferson plops down next to me and starts calling her babies to her instead.  The Lady would do well to remember that the Lady is merely the playmate and that these are MAMA'S babies, thank you very much.
And after another few minutes of "Hi Mama!", she's probably ready for another break.



Playtime with the Jefferson midgets involves a lot of climbing (a LOT of climbing!)
"Hey guys... Let's help the Lady sweep.
Roxie... you block the broom.  Willie Rae... stay between her feet and trip her up.
Clay will climb her leg and make her nervous that he's going to fall off."
"C'mon! We need more weight on these jammie legs if we're going to pull these pants down!"
"Really, Clay? Do we really want to do that to the Lady? Oooh! Drawstring! Florence is coming!"
"Willie Rae thinks she can... she thinks she can... she thinks she can..."

Final count of kittens hanging from my pajama pants: 5
(and the pants stayed up... thank goodness for drawstrings!)



(With Roxie Blue Eyes)

Look at how tiny she is in comparison to my hand!!!
(Roxie and Lionel are the biggest of the Jefferson kittens)
"All right, Lady... get that hand down here again so Roxie can chomp it!"
And those eyes!!!!!
Such an amazing blue :-)
((FYI--- These photos were from my phone.  I rotated them for the computer but Blogger puts them back, no matter what I try.  Hopefully you don't have to rotate your head too far in order to enjoy))


Today is the glorious 21st day since the permanent residents last application of Frontline... which means that I can give them a dose of Advantage II to chase away the last of the creepy crawlies (at least I hope this will finally chase away the last of the creepy crawlies... actually I hope they're already gone, but we're going to make sure)

I've spent the past week santitizing, scrubbing, and spraying.  After giving the Advantage a couple days to work into their system, we're going to do a room-by-room shut down and bomb.  I'm hoping to live a normal life by Monday (whatever that is).


Henry, Abby, and Tika are continuing to improve.  Henry is still sneezing (and at one point on Thursday I was certain that his nose was wounded and disintegrating... it was covered in snotty gunk).  They will be finishing off their medication next Wednesday and should be returning to Petco shortly afterward.  I'll work hard to get good pictures of them over the weekend.


Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love those moments right after mom cats get up and all the kittens are like "hey - where did she go???" cracks me up every time....

    1. Mother Jefferson is known to stand up and let five babies fall right off. The sound effects of pop (coming off Mama) and plop (as they hit the floor) are hilarious.

      As as they get bigger and more self sufficient... right now there are three nursing and the other two (the most likely to eat from the kitten food) are off playing and having a high old time together.

  2. Wonderful pictures today! Comment though-doesn't Mama Jefferson mean to say that the lady should remember that the kittens are NOT her babies and she is just the playmate? Either way its a good thing that drawstrings were invented. Have a great weekend Kelly!

    1. OK--- small edit coming up. That's what I get for trying to write this at 11 pm after a long night of soccer and difficult kids. ;-)

      And yes, thank heavens for drawstrings. Especially since they are now in the window room instead of the bathroom. There are just some things that the neighbors don't need to see.

      Hugs to Oreo. Hope she's feeling better today!

    2. Thanks Kelly-she is doing MUCH better! It was just because like human babies she wanted to freak me out. So I of course ran to the vet and spent way too much money to hear "she will be fine".

      (IT's like the first child you take to the dr at the first sign of a sniffle or cough because you think they've caught the plague, or when you check to see if they are still breathing because they are sleeping through the night. But with the second, you hand them a tissue at six months old and don't even worry about the breathing part because hey you are finally getting some sleep).

    3. Yay!! So glad to hear it. And I completely get it about the first kitten/first child thing. When my son (child #2) went to his first pediatrician visit at the base clinic, the nurse immediately said that she could tell he wasn't my first. Apparently with the first child, the parents take forever and a day to undress them to get weighed. With the following children, parents understand that the baby's head won't fall off by taking off a onesie and get the job done in seconds. By the third kid, you're worried less about a bleeding child and more about their blood getting on the carpet.

  3. I LOVE the look on the kittens faces when momma gets up! They look like they can't believe the milk bar just disappeared from right in front of their face!

    1. A couple of mine tend to have the wide-eyed "What happened" look perpetually on their faces anyway, but when all five of them get going after Mama walks away.... it's priceless.