Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sister Slap Fight

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages

Welcome to Sister Slap Fight!

In this corner, wearing the tabby drawers and troll-doll eyes
She's a little lady, but a terror in disguise
She's the Tyrannical Twin of Tabby Town
She's Fighting Flo with the Mighty Mojo!!!!!!

And in the other corner, wearing the fluffy cream trunks and the seal point ears
She's the formidable force of the front foster room
She's the Sizzling Sister from Siam
She's Roxie Roker the Sister Poker!!!!!!!



"Oh, it's ON sister!!"




"Flo got your nose!"


"Oh no, you DIDN'T!!!!"


"Uh-oh... Perhaps Flo went a bit too far."


"Florence is just going to lie here and think about what she did wrong."


Petco Update

I visited Petco on Wednesday afternoon to check up on all of my babies in residence there.  I swear that Bentley, Hudson, and Cruz have gained a pound since leaving me just ten days earlier.  Their eyes have all turned green.  They all look more grown up and Hudson even looks a bit less fluffy.  Cruzie was busy playing with a string, but at least took a moment to acknowledge my presence.  Huddy was a bit too sleepy to get up for me.  Bentley came right over for hugs, but was blocked off at the pass by Porter.

Every time I tried to say hello to one of the other kittens in the display, up popped Porter.  He was like a prairie dog popping out of every nook and cranny.  He was really working me.... talking, whining, reaching, begging, and being as obnoxious as felinely possibly.  Of course, I took him out for snuggles.  He purred and kneaded and purred and kissed and purred and bit my neck like a vampire.  He should probably work on that if he wants someone to take him home ;-)

I tried to take pictures, but Porter's head kept blocking every decent shot.  I'll be back soon to try again.  Hopefully to take a goodbye shot as his new family takes him home.


  1. Well, I think there's a clear winner there! MOL

    1. She usually handles all of her siblings quite handily.

  2. good luck Porter.....

    girl fights - gotta love 'em

    1. The girls in this litter are feisty, feisty, feisty. The boys are more of the climbing and jumping types, where the girls are always ready to rumble.

  3. Cute kitty pics! LOVE the descriptions. Hugs and kisses to Porter. I think he's trying to tell you something but I can't say what for sure.

    1. Yeah, if I could just understand cat... ;-)

      He was absolutely exhausting to me. I hear from other fosters who go in and help that he's a talker and wants attention, but he was just a persistent little snot yesterday. Not that I blame him. He thinks I'm his mom and he wants to come home.

  4. LOVE a good slap fight! (Watching them, that is, not taking part in them!)

    1. Yeah, that's how Mother Jefferson feels too. Although I did catch her indulging Florence when she was trying to get something started. After a few seconds Mama talked her into checking out the water bowl instead.

  5. I don't think Porter needs to change a darn thing.. ;)

    1. He certainly is effective at getting his point across. I just hope he gives other potential adopters a chance to breathe and enjoy him.

  6. 'Roxie Roker the Sister Poker' I love that! 4 girls in my family & we had the same kinda' drama, many moons ago. Great pics. Good luck to Porter.