Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make New Friends

Little Levi keeps right on making friends outside the front foster room. He is a complete love bug and doesn't hesitate to get pushy in order to get what he needs.

"Is this REALLY necessary?"

"But he's COMFY!! Levi needs to be COMFY!!"


"Ruby doesn't find this comfy. Nope... not one bit comfy."

"He is SUCH a pest!!!"

"HEY!!! Levi is NOT a pest!!!"

"Ahhh.... This is MUCH better."

"Well it WAS much better. Do you MIND????"


Can you BELIEVE this snuggly and brilliant boy still hasn't found his forever home????? The first meet and greet didn't work out for him but, as luck would have it, he has another one scheduled very soon. We received two messages from new potential adopters within an hour of the first people choosing another kitten. The universe is working for us and I feel pretty confident that Levi won't live here much longer. But if you'd like to give the universe a hand and share our boy (or his mama), I'd greatly appreciate your assistance in helping him find his way home.


  1. Awww, Ruby and Levi look so cute in that picture! (fifth one down) I hope Levi finds his forever home soon!

  2. we bet he goes in no people that first picture and it would be a done deal :)

  3. LOVE the "pest" photo!! :) he better find his home soon.. he's just too clever to not have one