Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Gem of a Girl


"Is it me you're looking for?"

"You should be looking for me. Because you'd like me... You'd really, really like me!"

Miss Garnet Mayweather is a sweet gem of a girl, named for the orange "jewel" on the top of her head. She is a unique specimen among the Mayweather kittens... Her brother are sister are marbled pattern tabbies, while Garnet is a spotted tabby. Her siblings are from a rich color spectrum, while she is softer, whiter, and more "dilute" (but not really). The other two kittens are becoming fluffier, while Garnet remains short-haired. Her brother and sister are huge in comparison to our little runt of the litter. She has a bit of an exotic look to her facial shape that's hard to describe.

"Garnet is SPECIAL!"

Yes, Garnet IS special. Besides her unique physical characteristics, she has a strong and independent personality. Smarty-pants Garnet was the last Mayweather kitten to be caught out in the wild. She was the last kitten to emerge from underneath the chair... the last one to allow herself to be held... the last one to purr for me. There were days I thought she would never be tamed. She's a teeny tiny bit stubborn. But once she gives in?

She loves hard... even if she's slow to admit it.

Garnet is now the first kitten to greet me at the door. In fact, if I'm slow to arrive in the morning, she bangs on the door and demands an audience. She was the first of the Mayweathers to climb into a lap on her own. She's quick to purr and doesn't struggle against the snuggle. 

She'll also let you kiss that belly. Please excuse me for a moment while I step away and silently squee over those amazing spots!

Teeny Tiny Garnet is full of excitement and adventure. She was the first Mayweather to climb to the top of the cat tree and the first to find her way to the windowsill (where she watches me garden with great interest). She loves a feather teaser and will chase it for as long as you're willing to let it fly. And... she's a daredevil. Not only does she climb the curtains that cover the doorway to the foster room, but when she reaches the top? She swings her little self up onto the curtain rod and walks it like a circus tightrope. I'm thinking about sending her to her forever home with a tutu and an umbrella ;)

Just like any precious jewel, we have a limited supply of Garnet. Once she's gone, she's gone and we will be unable to stock more. 

So if you or someone you know has had your eye on her, you might want to speak up soon.

You might even be able to score a set of sisters if you act now!

For more information about Garnet or to inquire about her availability for a lifetime of splotch kissing, send me a message to teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com. I'll put you in touch with the right person.


  1. All of those spots appear VERY kissable!!

  2. She is just gorgeous. Kelly, I LOVE how you work your magic with kittens and with working music into this blog :)

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous! I hope she finds her forever home very soon. Someone will be a very lucky mom or dad or both!

  4. She is absolutely STUNNING and I love her name! There is no way that this little darling is going to be long without her forever home - why I don't even have room and I want to come and adopt her!!! *L* Thanks for sharing such incredible pictures.

  5. Fingers crossed for this special -- and beautiful -- girl. May she find the ideal person/people soonest!

  6. Aww... I love the story of little Garnet.

    And I LOVE that last picture in particular. Why is it that cuteness grows exponentially whenever a head tilt is involved? :)

  7. 'Cause I wonder where you are
    And I wonder what you do
    Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?

    I adore the belly dots, and the near heart of red she has going on there..

  8. OMC, "my" Garnet is spectacular!!! I just love that belly, too! I know her family can't be far off... Please give her multiple kisses for me!