Monday, July 8, 2013

Taming Graham

"Hmmmm... Smells like birdie."

"Flies like birdie, too!"

"Come to Graham, little birdie. Graham is your friend."

"Don't listen to him, birdie. Come to Belle. Belle will protect you from Graham's evil intent."

"Nice, Belle... real nice. Why you gotta give away Graham's game like that?"

"NOW what can Graham catch after mean old Belle warned the birdie?"

"WHOA!!! What's THAT???!?!?!!"

"Graham would like to investigate that red dot further. Bring it a little closer, please."

"Little Red Dot... COME ON DOWWWWNNNNN!"

The official "Taming Graham" kit has three main components: a feather teaser, a laser light, and a can of wet food. Yesterday morning, he licked my toes while I served his breakfast. He will still "hunch" down when I reach for him, but he doesn't really run and hide any more. YAY!

The girls are farther away from taming, but coming along at their own pace. I've held each of them today while they purred. Had to catch them first, but they purred (and didn't try to get away once I had them in my grasp).

Big day Tuesday... we head to the vet for their first vaccinations. Stay tuned for updates on the size of these big brutes. (Also for updates on how they did NOT escape and make me chase them through the clinic, please).


  1. Yep.....flying monkeys. Good luck at the vet.

  2. Good luck at the vet babies! (And Kelly, too!)

  3. Awww... Grahamcrackercrust has such a sweet face, I'd be plantin' smoochies ALL over it ALL the time to the point where he'd probably want to claw my face off.

    But, faceless, I would STILL go in for more kisses!!


    PS - I think his name really suits him :D

    1. Oh, he'd let you smooch him... You just have to catch him first ;)

      It's easier than catching his sisters, that's for sure.