Friday, July 5, 2013

When One Chapter Ends, Another One Is Just Beginning

If you missed last Thursday night's post, read here first and then check back with us... okay? We'll wait for you. Make sure you're singing when you come back because the music picks back up below...

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It's time to get things started.

Why don't you get things started?

It's time to get things started on the most sensational...



 Mama-tational (!)

This is what we call The Mama Show!


When Mama Clarice moved into the front foster room (WAY back in January), we kept her sequestered away from the rest of the house while she raised her babies and we educated ourselves on all of our options in regards to her FIV+ status.

When Mama Clarice moved into the upstairs family room (in mid-February), we kept her separated in order to protect her from the ringworm that had invaded the foster room... and her kittens!

When the kittens healed and moved on to their individual forever homes (seriously now, we're talking about March), we still kept Mama Clarice segregated from the permanent residents because we feared for her potentially compromised immune system with Norman's various health issues running rampant.

When I finally opened her door to freedom in April, Mama Clarice expressed a clear preference for remaining in her upstairs family room domain.

It was May before she moved to the hallway.

It was late June before she put a paw on the first floor.

It was July before she walked more than two feet past the bottom of the stairs.

It was last week before she traveled as far as the kitchen (and then to the garage!).

It was last Thursday that she joined the permanent residents for mealtime downstairs.

Today marks the beginning of yet another journey. Or is it the end of the one we started together nearly six months ago?

Today, our dear sweet Mama Clarice took the journey of all journeys... the journey to her forever home... her forever and ever and ever home.

I received a message from Heidi about three weeks ago, expressing interest in our Mama Clarice but wanting to take her time to think and do her research. We chatted by e-mail. We chatted by phone. I told her about Clarice. She told me about her kitties who had gone to the Rainbow Bridge and how much she loved and misses them.

I'm having a hard time explaining exactly how and why I know that Mama Clarice is going to the perfect home for her. I'll let Heidi's story of Mama's new name tell you everything you need to know:

If  you remember the book (or the Shirley Temple movie) "Heidi", you'll also remember that the main character Heidi has a best friend named Clara. Clarice's name is being modified slightly so that our main character Clara now has a very best friend named Heidi.

Clara met her new friend this afternoon. It was a love fest from the first moment. Tears were shed all around and much affection was shared. Clara loves her new mom and her new mom loves Clara. It's a match made in heaven.

And so, with the exit of Mama Clara from Teeny Tiny Tabby Town, a chapter in my foster life ends. The Madisons have ALL left the building (finally!). It was a long time coming, but I shall definitely miss my Upstairs-On the Stairs-Downstairs-All Around the House Mama.

The most important chapters of Clara's life are still to be written. Happy Life, my sweet girl.

I guess I gave enough away earlier in the week that people were starting to guess, or at least hope that this is where things were going. The extra photos were to keep her mom happy until she could get here and claim her new kitty. Oh... and Chris? I giggled like a fiend on Tuesday when you said "I wish someone would adopt her already!"


  1. This makes me SO HAPPY! I'm crying tears of joy for both Clara and Heidi. Yay!!

  2. Awww! Yay for Clara and Heidi!! What a wonderful end! Or should I say beginning!

  3. Perfect! Great news to start the weekend! Much happiness and love to Clara and Heidi!

  4. Yay Clara, yay Heidi!!! Awesome, awesome news!

    Did you make Heidi sign a binding contract so that she'll share updates from time to time? :)

    1. While it is not formally in the contract, Heidi did promise updates (and went as far as to say I would probably get sick of hearing from her... which I said most definitely could NEVER happen!)

  5. Yeah for Clara and Heidi!!! Sometimes it takes a little longer to find the perfect match but then you discover it was worth the wait.

  6. Yes!!!! I am so happy for everyone! Safe journey Clara and Heidi! Please keep us posted on how Clara does in her new home. :)

  7. Totally inspirational. Only thing better would be a couple of photos in her new home! :)

  8. Yea for Heidi and Clara(ice)! That was worth waiting for.

  9. I am SO very happy at this news. So much so that I actually started tearing up. Heidi, if you read this, I want you to know that you now hold a special place in my heart for being brave enough and smart enough to love our superduper Mama Clarice/Clara the way she deserves to be loved -- unconditionally. HOORAY FOR BOTH OF YOU! And I really hope you'll keep us updated once in a while on how Clara's doing because we'll miss her pretty face around here. ;D


    1. Thanks Chris! I promise to send lots and lots of updates!! :)

  10. I knew it! I just knew it! So unbelieveably happy for all he parties involved :)

  11. Yippee! VERY HAPPY to hear this news! Congrats, Clarice! Purrs...

  12. Hooray! So happy to hear this.

  13. Hooray! So happy to hear this.

  14. Hi everyone, Heidi here... thank you all so very much for your wonderful comments!! I am so happy that Clara has come to live with me, I can't even tell you. It's only been a few days, but she's settled in really well... and now I wonder how I could have possibly done without her for so long! :)