Monday, August 5, 2013

(Almost) Ruby Tuesday

Or perhaps if you're joining us to read tomorrow, it's actually Ruby Tuesday :)

It's been too long since we had a Ruby-Centered post... she told me so. Our Roo is getting bigger. She hardly seems like a baby anymore. Ruby turned 11 months old over the weekend. She's already planning her party.

I'm sure Mr. Simba is at the top of her guest list. She loves him and he loves her (which is consistently amazing to me because he doesn't seem to love much of any other cat that's entered his domain... Norm was tolerated, possibly liked but definitely not loved).

"Be very very quiet with your clicking, Lady... You'll wake up the Mr. Simba."

"Seriously, Lady... You're going to mess this up for The Roo."

"Look what you've made him do to The Roo!"

"I suppose The Roo will just have to snuggle with this girl instead."

"It's a good thing she's so comfy or The Roo would have to mess you up."

"Perhaps you should go away now before you ruin EVERYTHING."

"Go on... Go 'way!"


Still waiting on the final word about the All Stars. If Miguel has completely kicked his tummy bug, they will be getting their first set of vaccines and moving in to Teeny Tiny Tabby Town on Tuesday. My schedule is such that I cannot promise too much in the way of pictures or updates until Thursday, but I'll do my best. (And if I keep you waiting, I'll definitely make it up to you when I return!)


  1. are you going to throw her a sweet 16 (months) party?

  2. Love the Roo!! She does look like she may have passed the "petite" stage. :)

    1. Definitely not a baby anymore, but I'm pretty sure that she will be a petite cat like her mama.

  3. We're backing away, Roo! She sure told us, huh?

  4. And what a pretty little lady she is!

  5. Ruby certainly has a catitude for such a little girl! And so very pretty, I love the orange spot on her forehead.