Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome All-Stars

We're so glad you're here!

"HISS!" replied Maxie.

"Pbbbbffft!" continued the diminutive Ms. Scherzer.

Perhaps Maxie will be glad to be here tomorrow... or the next day...

Someone else who's not so thrilled to be here?

"HISS!" said Miguel.

"Go away, Lady. Princess Torii doesn't speak to peasants."

We're working on it. The All-Star Kits of Summer (wow, that's a long family name!) are already much further ahead than the Mayweather kids were when they arrived. I don't think it will take long for them to adjust. I'll tell you much more as the week unfolds.


  1. If they are with the mayweather girls they can learn by example.

  2. They'll come around! They're such a beautiful bunch, they'll be quite irresistible once they're past the hissy spitter stage.

  3. I just want to cuddle them all!

    Hopefully Belle and Garnet will be good examples for them.

  4. Oh my, it sure does look like they're all thinking thoughts not fit to be printed!! But I have no doubt you will soon work your kitten taming magic :)

  5. Maybe they are just annoyed that the Tigers lost two of three to the Yankees. Perhaps beating up the White Sox for a few days will improve their moods!

  6. I love how the red of the background and the red of the tongue are the same shade.