Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

For those who didn't see this picture posted on Facebook this weekend (and judging by the response, a whole lot of you did). Meet Harold...

Harold... You ARE the father!

Meet Papa Mayweather... Can't you see a strong resemblance to the girls in his face? They've got their daddy's coloring and his stink-eye expression :)

While we can't be 100% certain that Harold is the father (after all, we didn't witness nature in action and have no intention of calling Maury to confirm), Mama Marmie has given a few signs that Harold is special to her. He is the only other cat that she has allowed in her kittens' universe... ever. He's been seen watching and playing with them. And since the resemblance is so remarkable, we're calling it conclusive.

Harold, along with Marmie, has been resistant to traditional trapping methods. They have apparently connected the dots between the presence of traps and their kittens disappearing. So much so that they have actively tried to keep the last couple of litters away from the traps to warn them of the "dangers" of going inside them. The weather looks good this week, so Operation Trap-the-Parents begins anew.

Once we have these two rounded up, then it's All-the-Way Mae's turn. We suspect she will be easier to wrangle.


The girls, especially Garnet, continue to amaze me with their socialization progress over the past few days. Garnet comes running whenever the door opens, rubs her little self all over whatever legs are currently available, and purrs up a storm while being held.

"Perhaps people aren't scary monsters after all."

In order to remain in Garnet and Belle's good graces, I smuggled them out of the foster room for a tour of another room while I vacuumed and mopped their foster room. Charlie followed us into my bedroom and gave each girl a sniff. Neither girl hissed, nor did they deploy a floof suit.

Someone that DID hiss and deploy a floof suit? Ruby... when she ended up unknowingly hiding under the bed with two Mayweather girls while the vacuum ran in the room next door. Garnet changed location to underneath the dresser while Belle wedged herself between the mattress and headboard in order to give crankypants Roo the extra room she required. The babies are fine, but Ruby has yet to forgive me.

When they returned to their room...

"HEY! Who put all of the toys in the bed?!?!???"

"Toys don't belong in the bed!"

"Garnet will just move this mousie over here..."

"SLURP:: Tastes like chicken!"

"WAH! How come Garnet gets the chicken? Belle wants the chicken too!"


And a naming update...

The Detroit Tigers and their All Stars keep rolling along. Max Scherzer got his 16th win on Saturday, bringing his record to 16-1. Miguel Cabrera has been resting a bad back over the weekend, but he did pinch hit in the 12th inning on Sunday and got the hit that became the winning run. Prince Fielder, however, has been in a terrible hitting slump. So much so that I have been debating naming Princess after another Tiger... Torii Hunter, who is not only an All Star but he is also one of our family's favorite players (AND he drove in Sunday's walk off run). We had discounted Torii as a name when we thought they were all boys and thought that perhaps the name just didn't fit in. But now that we have a little girl to name...

We're calling her Princess Torii Hunter to cover all of our bases.

Feel free to call her Princess... or Torii... or Princess Torii. I'm told she has quite the regal bearing. Her posture is always brilliant. Her personality has been a bit aloof. She's dainty. So we needed to keep Princess (both for Prince and to fit her character) as part of the name. But I am happier with this naming combination.

And just in case you needed to see her human counterpart...

From Motor City Bengals

From Zimbio
Torii and Miggy make a great combination... with Austin Jackson (or with Maxie Scherzer)


The All-Stars are scheduled to make their debut in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town on Tuesday afternoon. Things are a bit nuts schedule-wise around here, so blogging may be spotty this week (not necessarily fewer posts, but perhaps different days and times as I get a chance). I'll be back as soon as I can :)


  1. Poor Roo.... the vacuum and introoders!

  2. The vacuum and introoders... no wonder Ruby was less than hospitable! We aren't nice to each other when the vacuum monster is around, either.

  3. Harold looks like a very suspicious kitty, good luck getting him! I hope he finds the joys of indoor soon!
    Those vacuum cleaners.. *shudder!*

  4. Harold is SO HANDSOME - and yes I agree that it appears he is Daddio! Good luck with the trapping!!!

  5. And Torii had the walk-off hit last night!

  6. Harold is one good-looking man-cat! Do you have any idea how old he is? My Harley was about 2 years old when I rescued her from the parking lot/feral colony she was living in. She's not the loviest cat I've ever had, but she's very happy living in the house with all that food. Of course, even when she lived outdoors, she was pretty interested in humans, because she knew they brought the food.

    Anyway -- feral and semi-feral cats CAN be adopted, although I know I had good luck with Harley. On the other hand, maybe the best thing for Harold is to be neutered then go back to where he's living happily now.

  7. I'm sorry, The Crew will have to strongly object to your characterization that toys do not belong in the bed. They most certainly do belong in the bed, and on a pillow if at all possible.. :)

    Paws crossed that trapping works.