Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where's Garnet?

When walking into the front foster room, a question frequently crosses my mind... "Where's Garnet?"  If you turn around and look up, you might just find her.

There she is!

"Oh Okaaaaaayyyy... You found Garnet."

"Garnet supposes you would like her to get down now?"

"Garnet shall take your wishes under advisement and get back to you."

"You wouldn't, perhaps, like to snuggle Garnet if she comes down, would you Lady?"

"Garnet will be right down!"






"You shall snuggle the Garnet now, Lady?"

"No, seriously... You're not leaving until you snuggle the Garnet."


Oh... and this happened today.

And this.

We'll tell you more Sunday night.


  1. You shouldn't have pointed her out in that first pict.. :)

    I hope Garnet got the snuggle she wanted

  2. That's one talented kitten! Hope she got her snuggle...she worked hard for it.

  3. Garnet and Miguel? He's a drop dead gorgeous tuxie! If I was local I might be filling out adoption paperwork. He looks like my Thunderbolt.

    1. The first pic is Garnet and Maxie. The second is Miguel and Belle. Madamoiselle Belle is mightily attracted to Senor Miguel. She has checked him over several times ;)

  4. Crazy Garnet! Let's hope she doesn't teach the new babies that move or those drapes won't last very long!


    1. They are already marked for the trash heap when this crew moves on. Good thing they were clearance items ;)

  5. MOL!! I adore that orange spot on her head...looks like one of those head dresses from the 1920s.

  6. She's a climber! What a great spot to survey everything. We hope we got all of her well-earned snuggles. The head peep wants to smooch that spot on the top of her head.

  7. I too was thinking "good thing those weren't the GOOD drapes". Oreo is not much of a climber thank goodness. I have not found her on the tops of cabinets, or the fridge. She does like the counter tops and the dining room table and chairs.