Monday, August 12, 2013

Progress Is Still Progress

When newbies arrive in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town, my first move in taking them out of the carrier is to place them in the litter box so that everyone knows where it is. When the All Stars moved in to Teeny Tiny Tabby Town, the litter box is where they remained for oh... about the next 6 or 7 hours. 

At least I'm relatively certain that no one will forget its location ;) 

That pretty red background that so nicely set off Miguel (and Maxie)'s striking tuxie features in yesterday's post?

Yep... they were in the facilities (and none too happy about being photographed in there either!)


The good news is that we are making significant progress. They did all eventually leave the box.

Even if the move did entail hiding in a dusty corner and layering one sister on top of the other.

One by one they left the corner until only Maxie was left. So she left too.

And made a new friend or two too. Both of the kittens in the picture were purring when it was taken... SCORE!

Maxie is the most social of the three. She has already ceased hissing (and replaced the hissing with peeping requests for attention). She has been playing with the toys, hesitatingly getting to know the Mayweather girls, and purring whenever she is held.

Miguel will be the next to come around, if their behavior at the kitten catcher's is anything to go on. He naps out in the open and allows himself to be held, albeit begrudgingly. He did, however, find out that the underneath of one of the chairs in the room makes an excellent hiding spot... which is where his sister Princess Torii has been during most of her time since leaving the litter box. 

"Esscuse me?"

"Are you aware that there is someone else in Belle's hiding spot?"

Good thing that Belle really doesn't need it anymore. :)

It's also a good thing that the All Stars are significantly ahead of the Mayweathers' socialization schedule. They'll be fine in just a few more days.


  1. They are SO cute. Graham was adorable - and the Mayweather girls are very pretty kitties- but this trio has something special in the cuteness department. I'm a sucker for tuxies though. I think I have a crush on Miguel...

    1. Hehe Holly - I have a soft spot for black and white tuxedo kitties too and Maxie and her tuxie brother are just the cutest right?

      So cuddly - Am in the UK or I would have to have those teo as my new forever cats!

  2. They're adorable. The baleful looks from inside the litterbox are priceless.

    1. That's just what I was thinking -- those are the very epitomy of baleful looks, esp. # 3!!

  3. Oh the toes!!!! We know they will figure everything out soon.

  4. "peeping requests for attention" -- eek, SO cute!

  5. Monty Robindale is my! I made him a facebook account and forgot I was signed on to his email.

  6. got to love purring kittens :)

    and i love the fact that they sat there for six hours.. let you take their photo in there with out running and everything..

  7. Maybe they weren't too happy with the way the Tigers played last night either - losing to the White Sox? Arggh...