Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Update To Start Your Week

We took Garnet and Belle to another adoption event this weekend. While adoptions have slowed down slightly due to end-of-summer and back-to-school family plans, our two girls have received quite a bit of positive attention. No decisions have been made, but our girls are "showing" nicely... even though Miss Garnet is a bit nervous and scared about the whole experience.

"If they can't see Garnet, they can't touch Garnet and Garnet can go back home... okay?"

Yes, she tucked herself in there. I saw her do it.

"Belle might sleep more comfortably if this bed would stop moving already... 
grumble, grumble."

The surprising thing about the girls at the store? Garnet has gone from my self-assured, adventuresome acrobat to my nervous little girl. Belle has remained much more steady in her demeanor. She's calm and even-keeled and purring and willing to be held... And Garnet is STILL getting the clear majority of the attention. Harrumph.

Perhaps next time I'll paint an orange splotch on Belle's head too ;)


I teased you on Facebook last week about another update and then completely forgot that I had it while running around like a crazy mom at back-to-school time (Oh wait... I *am* a crazy mom at back-to-school time! Anyway...)

We've got a Graham Cracker Update!

His new mom sent the kitten catcher a great story that I just wanted to share with you:

We have had to officially kick Ralphie out of our room at night. He spends all night chasing his tail, round and round he goes on the bed, bumping into us at every turn. He has also been using our stomachs as trampolines, bouncing from one to the other. He likes to sit at the top of my pillow, basically on top of my head, and play with the light from my phone. He thinks he is an acrobat and tries to swing from the curtains. Two nights ago, he rammed himself into my bookshelf causing ten books to fall on the floor. I find myself crying because I am laughing so hard on the inside, trying not to wake (my husband) up. When he does wake up, he looks at me and asks why I am crying and all I can say is, "that kitten is completely insane, but so cute at the same time."

He is RIDICULOUS! But oh so cute!!!!

By the way... I've heard that he's talked his way back into the bedroom already. Hee hee hee

He's working his magic on his big sister too.


All Star updates coming tomorrow along with (hopefully) a return to normalcy around here.


  1. The more you do it the better they'll be at it. I too am often surprised at the kitty that hides while first up for adoption..

    I'm not surprised in the least that Graham made it back into the bedroom :)

  2. Awww they are so sweet. Fingers crossed that their forever home is right around the corner.

  3. Huh. And here I thought our Graham would be all mature, calm & proper in his new home. I guess he feels happy & safe enough to act like a lunatic and doesn't care about rocking the boat... hell, it sounds like he wants to capsize it! LOL Such a sweet little orange monkey!


  4. Graham/Ralphie is a HOOT!! I love the belleh shot at the fan (I wonder if he was invisible boxing with the air - Jinx use to do that when he was a baby), but we need to see the awesome swirls on his back! Maybe next update, pretty please Ralphie's folks??

    Poor Garnet! Hopefully she will get a bit braver, but then again, I hope she (and Belle) get adopted quickly and doesn't have to do a lot of events!

  5. Ralphie! That's too cute. Reminds me of The Christmas!