Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sleepy sisters.

Sweet sisters.

Squeezing sister.

Sassy sister.

Silly sister.

"Who ME?"

Yes, you.

More from the Garnet files...

I open the door to the front foster room carefully now. Seems that Garnet prefers the curtain rod as her napping spot more and more lately. If she's directly over the door, she puts a foot down on the top of the door as it opens... which keeps me out of the room (or has that been her plan all along?)

"What's the password, Lady?"

"Got her blocked, guys! Let's party! Toga... Toga... Toga!"


The Mayweather sisters will be attending their very first adoption event this weekend. If you are interested in meeting them, please message me for details: teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com


  1. If I was closer, I'd adopt Garnet in a heartbeat!

    This is Tina. I'm using my cat, Monty, email. LOL!

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  3. They certainly do look good together! :)

    I love the being on the curtain rod inhibiting you from going in the room, that's a riot.

  4. it would be pretty awesome if someone at that adoption event decided that the sisters ought to stay together forever!

  5. Garnet has more than a bit of the Roo in her! Well named, if I do say so myself... ;)