Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lazy Days

We're having strangely unseasonable weather in Michigan right now... fog, rain, and thunder in January. And you know what happens during a good rain storm? We're getting very sleepy, very very sleepy.

Okay, so the menace isn't actually here.
But this photo is darn cute and fits our sleepy theme.
I figured you wouldn't mind a Chanel shot ;-)

Anyway... Back to present day in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.

Cole awakened a sleeping Norman.

And apparently didn't get the response he was looking for.

Zelda crashed out in the living room... YAY!

"Zelda is happy...

Mama Madison put her paws up while the kiddos snoozed.
(Just look at those curly whiskers... I adore them!)

"I'm not tired, but Mama told Levi to lay still and like it."

I'm sorry, but the only way to get a Misty picture is while she is sleeping.
If she isn't sleeping, she is in motion and, therefore, a blur.
It's the rule and we must all learn to abide by it.

Little Bear has no such problem posing for the camera.
I am amazed daily at the interesting mix of colors in these black kitten boys.

Just look at their legs! 
So much white and gray mixed in with their black fur.

"Peekaboo... Grizzly sees you..."

"Hey Lady... How come you're upside down?"

"You try sleeping with Bear singing in YOUR ear.
He thinks he's a cuter, fluffier Gene Simmons.
Grizzly blames You Tube."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Operation Zelda

Any foster worth the label will tell you that they attach more significantly to their "hard luck" kitties. The singletons, the quirky ones, the sick or the traumatized all pull heartstrings in a way that the bouncy babies and litters just passing through do not. Don't get me wrong. We love the bouncy babies and every litter passing through, but when there is a cat who needs you more... Well, it's a whole different ballgame.


Our beautiful Zelda with the exceptionally round, unusually-hued fluorescent green eyes is one of our extra special babes who needs an extra special home with extra special people to love her and protect her.

We don't know Zelda's story before the first week in January when we took her from the county shelter, where she was hiding in her litter box and refusing to make eye contact. It's clear that she's been abused. Zelda flinches from hands, runs and hides from the broom, and takes days upon days upon days to begin to feel even slightly safe in new and different surroundings.

But we're making progress... Zelda wants love and affection. She's just afraid that those hands that express love might have other motives. I'm learning how to approach her for petting. She is learning how to accept it. I won't sweep in her presence. She is learning how to exist in a room with a broom. And during the past couple of days, miracles! Zelda freely leaves the bedroom which has been her sanctuary and looks for attention. She sits in laps and on sofas and walks around the house like she might actually belong and feel safe here.

And when Zelda is feeling the love...

You get the tongue.


"There's really nothing wrong with this."


It's rather endearing, if you want to know the truth.

And this is where I do something that I don't usually do and ask for help in finding her the perfect home. If you're in the midwest (or better yet... Michigan) and you know of someone who has room in their heart and their home for a sweet, gentle, quiet, and loving three-year-old kitty who will think the sun rises and sets with you... please share our girl's story. She loves quickly and will attach strongly to a kind and patient person who is willing to take the extra time to get to know her.


Just passing through...

Meet Cole. He's only here for a few days, which is a good thing because Simba is none too happy to have another male cat roaming free in his house. While he's here, Cole has made it his mission to lay on every pile of clean laundry in the house. He's almost done ;-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cuddle Puddles

Snow day (finally!) in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town. The family and fosters took full advantage and rested up after our extraordinarily busy (yet, oh so satisfying) weekend.

(Left to Right) Bear, Misty, Levi, and Grizzly Madison take a nap

"Go away, Lady. We are SLEEPING!"
(That would be Grizzly, by the way)

Levi shows off his gray blended coat and faint tabby stripes.

Uh-oh... We awoke the Sleeping Bear.

"You will cuddle Bear NOW??!!?!?!!!!!??"
(It would be at this point that I share the fact that Bear is
the demanding cuddle monster of the family)

"Don't look at me, Lady. YOU woke him up. YOU snuggle him."

Well, of course I did.


The Abby and Chanel Update Continues...

I received a quick update from Abby and Chanel's new dad yesterday. The family continues to be over-the-moon in love with their girls. Abby has not only become her dad's constant companion, but she is taking on the task of mothering her poor little sister.

I think I saw that coming...

"She keeps licking Chanel's head, even though
Chanel TOLD her she could do it HERSELF!"

The family appreciates the outpouring of love from our little community and promises more updates in the future. I can't wait to watch these girls grow up :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You Ready? Bombshell Contained Within

In case you missed it. We had such a crazy busy weekend that I gifted you with a Saturday post AND a Sunday post. If you haven't already read them, go backwards and work from there. You've missed a lot over the weekend.

And Now for the Bombshell to End All Bombshells

Chanel was adopted on Saturday afternoon. (Don't worry... that's not the bombshell. I expect that you already knew that particular piece of information.)

When I arrived at adoption hours, her excited new family was already waiting for us. We sat down at a table in the adoption area, surrounded by playpens full of available cats and kittens,

Chanel's new dad mentioned that he had been thinking about feline companionship for Chanel and eventually (sometime down the road) adopting another kitten for their family.

He admired a young cat in a nearby playpen, noting that this youngster looked very much like their dear departed Luigi.

He asked to meet this kitty and hold it while we were filling out the paperwork. Magic was worked, and by the time we were ready for signatures, a second set of adoption papers were being completed.

Chanel has a new forever sister.

Her name is Abby.

Yes... that Abby, OUR ABBY!!!!

Woo Hoooooooooooo!
Break out the kitty treats!

I wasn't prepared for this to happen so quickly. Remember, this is the kitten who just got the go ahead to attend adoption hours two days prior. The one who had been with me since September. The one who had been a perfect fit with my family for months. The one I love with all my heart.

I knew I couldn't keep her. I wanted her to be adopted. I just never imagined it would happen like this, or that it would happen within the first 30 minutes of her time at the adoption center.

But, like I said, Abby worked her magic. She flirted. She purred. She charmed. She hugged. She grabbed hearts and ran off with them... just like I knew she could.

And so on Saturday afternoon, a new family was created...

I am blissfully happy for them. I'm not sure my brain has completely wrapped itself around these events. I do know that my feet have barely touched the ground since then.

And on Saturday evening, a happy phone call and several text pictures were exchanged. Behold Abby and Chanel in their new home...

We haven't heard the last of Chanel and Abby. I've been promised updates and photos from time to time. And I still have photos that you haven't seen yet.

PS-- Someone is feeling a little bit bored and lonely without her friends today.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Sunday Surprise Edition

On the night before Chanel went to her forever home, the girls decided to have a slumber party in my bedroom.

My younger daughter Megan was the first one to fall asleep (unusual for her). Please notice Zelda is still in her heater bed. :)

"Hey! It's comfy here! Besides have you noticed that it's JANUARY?"

"And the location next to the stinky feet leaves something to be desired."

"Excuse ME... Isn't this slumber party supposed to be about CHANEL???"

"Okay OKAY, some of this can be about Zelda too..."

"Or perhaps we could talk about Sadie..."


"Chanel IS the one getting adopted, you know."

But first...

One last playdate with Ruby

Part two of Chanel's day will be in tomorrow's blog post.

I promise her adoption story is special.

I promise her adoption story is significant.

I promise her adoption story is surprising.

But it's still a secret, so come back tomorrow pretty please.



Let's see. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, (skipping ahead to) Quincy-Adams... Can you fill in the next one on the list?

Meet the Madisons....

Better photos to come, I promise. Between the lateness of the hour, the lack of time, and the refusal of both mama and kittens to sit still, I have blurs for you today. But now you have something to look forward to... ;-)

Mama Clarice Madison is a gorgeous silver gray tabby with a fantabulous plume of a tail.

"Can't you see that the Mama is busy?"

Mama Madison moved here from her last foster home along with her four rambunctious babies.

Bear... An outgoing long-haired black boy.

Grizzly... A fantastically funny black tabby boy.

If you don't know why these first two names are spectacularly special to me,
you might want to read this post.

I named Mama when she came into the rescue, 
but another foster mom named the babies.

Well done.

Levi... our quiet short-haired black boy

and last, but certainly not least

Misty... our very shy tabby girl.

The clan moved in on Saturday right after adoption hours. I'm just working on being able to tell the difference between our pumpkins (and get a clear photo of their bouncy little selves).

I plan to bring you many more photos on Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday... I have a big secret to spill on Monday.