Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Sunday Surprise Edition

On the night before Chanel went to her forever home, the girls decided to have a slumber party in my bedroom.

My younger daughter Megan was the first one to fall asleep (unusual for her). Please notice Zelda is still in her heater bed. :)

"Hey! It's comfy here! Besides have you noticed that it's JANUARY?"

"And the location next to the stinky feet leaves something to be desired."

"Excuse ME... Isn't this slumber party supposed to be about CHANEL???"

"Okay OKAY, some of this can be about Zelda too..."

"Or perhaps we could talk about Sadie..."


"Chanel IS the one getting adopted, you know."

But first...

One last playdate with Ruby

Part two of Chanel's day will be in tomorrow's blog post.

I promise her adoption story is special.

I promise her adoption story is significant.

I promise her adoption story is surprising.

But it's still a secret, so come back tomorrow pretty please.



Let's see. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, (skipping ahead to) Quincy-Adams... Can you fill in the next one on the list?

Meet the Madisons....

Better photos to come, I promise. Between the lateness of the hour, the lack of time, and the refusal of both mama and kittens to sit still, I have blurs for you today. But now you have something to look forward to... ;-)

Mama Clarice Madison is a gorgeous silver gray tabby with a fantabulous plume of a tail.

"Can't you see that the Mama is busy?"

Mama Madison moved here from her last foster home along with her four rambunctious babies.

Bear... An outgoing long-haired black boy.

Grizzly... A fantastically funny black tabby boy.

If you don't know why these first two names are spectacularly special to me,
you might want to read this post.

I named Mama when she came into the rescue, 
but another foster mom named the babies.

Well done.

Levi... our quiet short-haired black boy

and last, but certainly not least

Misty... our very shy tabby girl.

The clan moved in on Saturday right after adoption hours. I'm just working on being able to tell the difference between our pumpkins (and get a clear photo of their bouncy little selves).

I plan to bring you many more photos on Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday... I have a big secret to spill on Monday.


  1. Fabulous fun Kelly! I had forgotten about that first post. It's been a wonderful adventure so far. I can't wait till tomorrow to hear more interesting news.

  2. we love the slumber party!!! and what cute newbies ;)

  3. aww.. What a wonderful slumber party, and so Chanel-centric! :)

    Madison Midgets.. lol. Congrats on the new kits

  4. Oh Kelly, you'd be great at writing storylines for soap operas--you're always stringing us along!! Not that I'm complaining. I love your posts, especially the special weekend editions.

    An all-girls slumber party!--what fun!!! Loved the dialogue...

    Can't wait to get the whole Chanel adoption story.