Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Abby Update

Our drama on Monday revolved around our girl Abby, who was supposed to go in for her eyelid surgery today but decided to play host to yet another upper respiratory infection again.


Her eyes are glazed over. Her breathing is labored. Her nose is completely clogged with snot... she's a lovely sight. On top of that, she's lost weight... a ridiculous amount for any size cat let alone an eight month old kitten. She has been eating, but apparently not as much since she can't breathe properly. I feel terrible for her.

The good news from the vet is... no fever, her heart it strong, she's kicked it before (and then she kicked it again and again and again)

The same old, same old meds aren't working for Abby any longer, so we're trying a stronger drug to knock it out permanently this time. Azithromycin once a day for seven days plus flushing out her nostrils with a saline rinse two or three times per day.

More good news... As I get ready to go to bed on Monday, Abby isn't wheezing. And she's breathing through her nose for the first time in two days. Tomorrow, we get her to eat. If all goes according to plan, she will be well enough for surgery at the end of next week.


My phone rang off the hook on Monday. Three job interviews in the next 36 hours and a sick kitten means I may not be here tomorrow. If I disappear, I'll be back Thursday with photos and (hopefully) a positive update about our Abby.

TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE: She's eating! She's eating! Still a bit stuffy, but sounding a bit better and EATING!!!!!!! Whiskers crossed that we're starting an upward trend.


  1. Good luck on your interviews and I hope Abby recovers quickly!

  2. Ummm - how on earth do you flush out the nostrils of a cat???

    1. It's ever so much fun. Take an eyedropper full of slightly warmed saline solution and squirt it up her nostril. The idea is that she'll sneeze or attempt to blow it out, thereby clearing the blockage out of her nose and moisturizing the inside at the very same time. Oh, the fun things you get to do as a cat foster parent ;)

  3. LOL downunder, Kelly already answered but I was going to say "the same way you do it with a baby-only with claws!"

    Kelly-you are such a good person. Yay for Abby, and you for more interviews. Best wishes :)

  4. Good luck Kelly!!!

    Poor Abby.....we spend lots of time cleaning noses around here when the snot hits.

  5. so glad she is eating!!

    When I get to the point of feeling the need to flush out nasal cavities I usually use medicated pediatric nasal drops once a day. I've also been known to break out the benedryl and the sudafed.. The plain ol straight up no frills antihistamine and decongestant. I'll usually use one or the other depending on the symptoms..

  6. It's exciting when they finally eat, isn’t ?!
    Over here, no one's sick, just too fat. We're upgrading the food & its high drama whenever anyone gets near that dish.
    3 interviews? Wow, thought MI may still be in the doldrums. Your resume must be chock-full of good stuff. Good Luck!

  7. Yay that she's eating! Hopefully the meds kick this thing for good and she can have her surgery!
    fingers crossed for your interviews!

  8. There must be a special place in heaven for someone who flushes out a kitten's nostrils! I cannot imagine! ;-)

    Good luck with the interviews!