Friday, January 4, 2013


Thank God It's Friday!!  At least I think it's Friday... it's been a long, long week (even with only three days in school).

This past week alone, we...
Celebrated and packed up Christmas
(rushed together quicker than I would have liked because my husband was only in town for a week)

And almost packed up a kitten along with the Christmas tree
(As my husband carried our storage totes up from the basement, this little Cruz-head peeked up out of it. Apparently he had been along for the ride.  This tote was being carried as the photo was snapped.)

Struggled to keep warm on the coldest days here in eleven months.
(At one point, Miss Abby had her face plastered to the fireplace glass)

Squeed over snuggling kitties
(Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing that one in just one more time)

Dealt with a sick Abby (again!) and worked overtime to get her healthy in time for surgery next week
(Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday)

Worked on getting Cruzie and Lincoln ready to say goodbye this weekend
(They head off to adoption hours tomorrow for the last time... if they aren't adopted, they will more than likely be moving into the Petco condos at the end of the weekend)

In addition to...

1. Trying to get back on kilter after the kids returned to school
2. Spending time at the shelter to choose new additions to our rescue
3. Going on two job interviews
4. Saving the house from flooding when Lincoln (I think it was Lincoln) managed to both plug the bathtub stopper and turn on the faucet!!!

I'm exhausted.

I'm spending today in my pajamas watching Seasons One and Two of Downton Abbey on BluRay in preparation for Sunday's Season Three premiere
(and taking lots and lots of pictures of Cruz and Lincoln before they go to their forever homes)

And oh yeah...

I almost forgot...

Cruz managed to open the lower cupboard in our old fashioned ice box in the living room.

And Norman took up residence inside of it.

He doesn't look very happy at being discovered, does he?

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Norman needs a bed in there. :)

    1. After realizing that he spent the night sleeping in the cupboard, I put a bed in there for him while he was eating his breakfast. He hasn't been back since... brat.

    2. LOL! Yeah, that sounds about right. :)

  2. Wow Kelly! Sorry your Christmas was short and sweet-mine was too. Glad the kids are back to school :) Good luck with Lincoln and Cruz. I would take one or both of them if I could. I have my hands full here though. This week we also packed up the holidays, sent one of the kids off to school and let the other have an extra day recovering from a cold. Then we struggled with some frustration as the same child refused help for homework that clearly would have enabled his learning challenged brain to get it done WAY quicker than the 3 hours which he took to complete only 2/3 of it(whilst watching TV in the process-*sigh*). I also cleaned the house (esp the fridge) as I have friends coming for the weekend. I will so need a vacation by next weekend :) I hope Abby gets on with her surgery okay.

    1. Thanks, Holly. I not only sympathize but completely understand the homework issue. My sophomore is taking an advanced junior load of classes and has homework like I've never seen before (even when I was in college). She doesn't seem to be able to get it done without the Kindle, ipod, or phone nearby (and seems to need frequent Facebook breaks to chat with her friends). I spend a lot of time witnessing her rush around at the last minute and bite my tongue about how much easier if might have been if only...

      I think at least one of the boys is already spoken for. We've had several calls about Cruz this week and a previous adopter who is interested in one or the other. Looks like at least one of them will be in a forever home by the end of the weekend. I'm hoping for both. They deserve it.

      Good luck with everything this weekend. Hope you get a chance to breathe and rest somewhere along the way.

  3. I think Norman would like it if you could remove that door permanently so he has a new hidey hole..

    purrs for the interviews.. Hopefully both of them will realize they really need you and you will have your choice.

  4. wow - good luck with the interviews and adoption weekend. And tell Cruz to stay out of weird boxes..... :)