Tuesday, January 22, 2013

They're Not Teeny... They're Not Tiny... They're Not All Tabbies... But They're Here!!!!

(a riff on our very first blog post about our very first kittens here at Teeny Tiny Tabby Town... remember these guys???)

Yep... we gained new residents in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town over the three day weekend and I really can't wait to introduce you. But first, a message from Chanel...



And so without further ado,
I present the many moods of Chanel.

Chanel plays "Bitey Little Brat"

Chanel plays innocent

And hang onto your hats,
because Chanel is a really really really cute sleeper.


Oh my.

Toe beans!

Neighborly sleeping.

She's such a cute little bay-bee!
(said in a voice that only dogs can hear)

Ruby: "What is this?"

Ruby: (Sighhhhhh) "AGAIN???"

Chanel: "LOOK! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!


"Flying high now..."

"Don't hate Chanel because she's adorable."

"Seriously... It won't change anything."


And now...

Our newest residents...

Sadie is the exact opposite of teeny, tiny, and tabby... and she's certainly no baby. Six-year-old Sadie was one of the kitties that we pulled from the shelter a few weeks ago. Rotund and sedentary from spending 4+ months in a 2x2 cage, Sadie enjoyed the initial change to the more spacious cat condos at Petco. But she was showing signs of needing more attention and care than kitties at the condos generally get. She's completely healthy, but needs a few extra hugs along with extra play time and room to roam.

This photo came from her first week in the condos. Our girl is completely unwilling to sit still at the moment for a new portrait. She must walk in a continuous figure eight around my ankles and purr while I am present in the room. We will just have to be patient and wait for our chance to snap another few good shots.

And someone else came home with her...

It's our green-eyed angel Zelda!!!! Our sweet girl's spirit wilted a bit in the condos when she met the resident alpha girl Lila.

She doesn't look like a holy terror, does she? Well... she's not (not really). But she is definitely in charge and protects her territory zealously. I already told you yesterday about some scratches on poor Lincoln. Well, I'm afraid that Zelda's scratches were more emotional in nature.

Zelda has been giving off clues that she's had a rougher life than first imagined. We're gaining insight into her body language and interactions with the other cats, and now we're thinking she was more than likely abused. This sweet and gentle soul apparently came into contact with others who were less than sweet, kind, and gentle. She's retreated into herself at the condos, so we brought her home to Teeny Tiny Tabby Town where she can work on her confidence again.

She settled in the front foster room quickly... greeting Sadie, Abby, and Chanel with a cautiously raised tail. She checked out every part of the room before curling up in her favorite spot (you know it was the one with the heated cat bed!) and purring up a storm.

I'm not sure if she will ever move into the cat condos at the store again. She needs constant tender loving care and affirmation right now. Someone else who will never move into the condos?

Abby's health is too precarious and we just don't want to take the risk. Both girls will stay with me and start travelling to adoption hours on weekends. We have two or three weeks until we need to worry about finding room for the next guys.

Yes... I said "the next guys". If the whispers about the newest whiskers for our window are correct, the Madisons aren't too far away.

And we still have Chanel for this one last week. Get used to it ;-)

I'll tell you more about her new family tomorrow...


  1. I really am not sure how I feel about the death penelty - except for those who abuse animals. Zelda is in the best of hands at your house where she can heal and gain confidence on that heated bed :)

  2. Poor Zelda - we know you can help her come around.

    And that Chanel - her new family is in BIG trouble!! :)

  3. Sweet Zelda. Please give her an extra hug from me. Sadie is gorgeous also. I'm sure there time with you will be well worth it and they will find their forever home soon. I can't wait for the Madisons-there will have to be a Dolly in there you know.

  4. I just don't understand how someone could abuse a cat. But I am going through something similar now with a cat I just got. She actually flinches and shakes when I go to pet her.

  5. Oh Chanel, forgive me for even hinting I didn't want to see pictures of you, I just didn't know if I could handle the cute..

    Hugs to Zelda and Abby and Sadie, and hugs and kisses to Ruby and Chanel

  6. Oh I am so glad Zelda has you and a safe place to work out her trust and confidence issues! I did worry about her going to the condos...she seemed like a tender soul. But I'm sure she will find her loving family soon!

    Chanel, I said it before and I'll say it again - you are a mess little girl!! :)

  7. Whoever gets Chanel better be prepared for that little despot to rule their house with a velvet paw! My goodness is she cute!
    Aw, look at the older kitties, aren't they cute too! I hope they learn to love humans and find great forever homes soon!

    Oh, and I just caught up on a few days here, Yay for Lincoln!!