Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chapter Two

There was a bit more to yesterday's story of teeny tiny Chanel meeting Ruby. Remember the other one sniffing her? Well, he wanted a closer look too.

Charlie: "Hey Little Girl! My name is Charlie.
You smell pretty."

Chanel: "Pleased to meet you, Charlie.
But the next time you put your nose this close to Chanel...
Chanel will draw stripes on it with her claws.


Someone (Miss Abby... ahem) has become quite attracted to the television.

She's not all that interested in football.
You should have seen her with the glittery dresses at the Golden Globes.
(And just look at how wonderful that eye looks right now!)


Yesterday morning, I heard an unusual ruckus upstairs. Simba was trilling. Ruby was squeaking. Thunder feet were heard from one end of the hallway to the other. 

Worried about my grumpy old man Simba's reaction to a romping kitten, I called out to Ruby a couple of times... "Ruby? Don't pester Mister Simba." 

The noise continued. I went upstairs to investigate. I found them, fat senior orange cat and dilute tortie kitten, poised to pounce on the opposite side of a door. And then I realized something...

Simba. Was. Playing.  with a kitten!!!!!!!

His kitten. Holy smokes.

And then...


"You're not going to tell everyone on your blog about this, are you?"

"You don't have to tell everybody Simba's secrets, you know.
You're going to wreck Simba's rep as a tough guy!"


  1. Awww, Simba. The best part about tough guys is that deep down inside, they have a soft, gooey center!

    1. And he's squishy and jiggly too ;)

  2. awww - don't worry Simba - everyone knows that tough guys love kittens. it can't be helped :)

  3. Perhaps Simba is training Ruby to be his minion....or maybe it is the other way around. :-)

    They look good together.

    1. Simba THINKS he is the one training Ruby, but in reality SHE is most definitely training HIM!

  4. Cute stuff. Simba, we won't tell anyone else that you have some cute little fluffy friends. Everyone needs friends.

  5. Awwwww ADORABLE!! I'm fighting the crud that's going around & I really needed this laugh today so thank you so much! (Found you from Robyn and been reading a while but don't comment enough.)

    1. Glad you're here! And feel much better very very soon!

  6. Ruby and Simba sittin in a tree..