Monday, January 14, 2013

You Asked For It. You Got It.

But first, a weekend update...


Our sweet Frosty went to his forever home on Saturday afternoon. It was absolutely a match made in heaven. His new mom and dad have two boy kitties, a 16-year-old and an 8 year-old. They are very lonely after losing the 16-year-old's litter mate and needed a bit of spunky sweetness around the house.

After ignoring several potential adopters on Saturday, Frosty trotted right over to his new mom and dad, curled up in their arms, and purred like a loon. He nuzzled and kneaded and told them how much he needed them. He climbed onto his new dad's shoulder and perched there like a purring parrot until the paperwork was completed. 

It's always satisfying to make an adoption connection, but this one was extra special. They so obviously chose each other. Happy life sweet boy. I know it will be.

We have lots of room at the store since both of our new boys have been adopted. We also have need of a quarantine room for Abby's upcoming surgery on Thursday (update... she's doing fabulously and improving daily!). 

The current plan is for Lincoln and Zelda to move to the store on Wednesday, with Chanel hanging out with Ruby for a couple of days until she can officially be adopted next weekend (she met a throng of admirers this past weekend and I imagine she will not be around much after we give the green light). I hate to think about them going, but it is past Lincoln's turn and Zelda attracted a lot of attention this weekend. 

I'm just going to hug them a lot for the next few days...


Did someone request a Ruby-Chanel meeting? Why yes... I believe someone did.

Ruby: "Wait a minute... WHO are YOU?"

Ruby: "Sniff..."
Charlie: "Double Sniff..."

Ruby: "This thing smells suspiciously like a baby kitten."
Charlie: "It smells like kitten! It smells like kitten!"

Ruby: "Sigh... RUBY is supposed to be the baby!"

Ruby: "Go away kid. RUBY is the baby in these parts."

Chanel: "That's what YOU think.
The Lady over there wants a picture of the two of us.
Say cheese."

blink blink blink

Ruby: "Ruby said cheese and played nice.

Chanel: "Golly, what made HER so cranky?
Chanel can't help being teenier, tinier, and cuter,  you know."

I love you, Ruby Ruby Roo.
You're the teeniest, tiniest, and cutest permanent resident.
I promise.


  1. I so love the airplane ears of annoyance!! Ruby is so adorable.. and she so is the fairest of them all

    1. We might need a magic mirror to keep reassuring her when kitten season arrives ;)

  2. Hee hee! Ruby's reaction reminds me of the Garfield cartoons where Garfield has to put up with Nermal (I think that's the name), the world's cutest kitten. Garfield usually ends up pushing Nermal off a table!

    1. Hmm... it's as if you KNEW that Chanel ended up as an unwilling occupant of the floor beside that chair ;)

  3. Awwww, Ruby. You'll ALWAYS be the baby! (Also, SC Amy's right, that's totally a Garfield/ Nermal scene you've got going on there, LOL!)

  4. Aww! I would have to agree on the Garfield/Nermal comparison. Chanel does certainly have the look of "WHAT-don't hate me cause I'm cute and teeny!"

    Congrats to Frosty getting adopted! X fingers crossed X that Lincoln's day comes soon.

  5. Concats to Frosty!! And paws crossed for Lincoln and Zelda.

    Love Ruby's airplane ears.....she is so NOT having something cute near her. MOL

    1. Having kitten cute on top of Ruby cute would just be overkill...

  6. Yay for Frosty!

    Thank you for showing us Ruby meeting her "competition." Make sure Ruby knows that sometimes there may be some teeny princesses in her house, but she will always be the QUEEN OF THE REALM.

    1. Oh great... now she's going to start demanding bling. ;)

  7. Many congratulations to Frosty, who clearly has excellent taste. Meanwhile, I'm pulling for Lincoln and Zelda -- and looking forward to their final photo fests! Hope your interviews went well last week, Kelly.

  8. Too cute meeting, MOL, poor Ruby.
    Yay for the adoption and hope for more!