Friday, January 18, 2013

Kitten Wanna Cracker?

But first, an important Abby update...

The goopy, watery eye is on it's way out of here!

The vet declared Abby's surgery a success. The staff at the clinic declared her incredible. She came out of the anesthetic purring, showing her belly, and demanding hugs... which they showered on her for the rest of the afternoon. There were overtures to the effect of "if my lease would let me have one more cat..." and "how will you let her go after so many months if we can't let her go after a day?"  Yep... they've discovered her utter-fabulousness and my inner-quandry as we get closer to "better".

She got home, had a bite to eat, used the box, and begged to be let out to the rest of the house. She missed the baby... and the baby missed her. This was the scene before Abby left in the morning:

Abby did the bathing.

Chanel did the biting.


And now for Friday's edition...

The teeny tiny miss has a favorite spot for sitting...
and squawking.

Kitten wanna cracker?

Sometimes she has a yearning to move to even higher ground.

From parrot to fascinator...

Because she's clearly fascinating.

And when Chanel isn't on a shoulder or on a head,

She's in a lap.

This former bottle baby and singleton kitten is quite attached to people,
and has a voice that can be heard at the neighbors if she's not 
being held or snuggled.

It makes nighttime more interesting, that's for sure.

Kind of like having a newborn in the house again.

Oh wait...

I guess we DO have a newborn in the house again.

"Don't tell Ruby...
She's not the baby anymore!"


  1. Awww Chanel you cutie! :D My Sooty used to sit on my back like that - mind you he was a full grown mancat!!

  2. Chanel is such a little cutie! She seems to be saying to Abby though "I'm NOT a baaaa-byyy! I can give myself a bath thank you."

  3. Chanel knows she is all that and a bag of! She's too cute!

  4. I'm so glad Abby's surgery went well!!

    And Chanel as a fascinator...does the Duchess of Cambridge know of this new fashion trend?? "All the well-dressed women are wearing kittenators this season" reports Vogue... :)

    1. Kittenators! If only they would stay where you put them on your head ;)

  5. yeah for Abby!!!! now on to her forever home....

    yep - those bottle babies think they are people!

  6. So pleased to hear about Abby and her more than considerable charms -- could she possibly have found her home already? Hope young Lincoln and Zelda are doing well. Thanks, as always, for a captivating, fascinating update.

    1. No home for Abby yet. She's a perfect fit here but, given her personality, she would truly be a perfect fit anywhere. Some yet unknown family is going to get exceptionally lucky when they take her home.

  7. would you just stop with those uber insanely cute Chanel photos and montage. She is just killing me as is, but on your head!?!?! (and btw, great hair)

    So glad to hear Abby's surgery went well.

    1. Neither my head nor my hair... it belongs to my daughter (who is aghast that I would put a photo of her messed-up hair on the internet)

      Stop? Are you sure you want me to stop? ;)