Friday, January 25, 2013

Goodbye Girl

Our determined little diva baby Chanel is getting ready to leave the nest. She's only been here for 16 days but it seems as if she's been stomping all over our hearts for a lifetime. 

Connie asked me yesterday if I was going to be feeding her "Chanel addiction". I have a plan to wean you slowly, with a small but steady diet of the uber cute. To facilitate this, there WILL be weekend posts. So make sure you check back here tomorrow.

In the meantime, the big kids are lining up to get their goodbye kisses.

Someone else who could be saying goodbye soon?

Abby was given a clean bill of health at her follow-up exam yesterday. It's time for her to start looking for her forever family. She will never move into the cat condos at the store, but she WILL start visiting adoption hours starting tomorrow.

Charlie might be ready for her to go...

"Wow, Charlie... Your bed sure looks comfy."

"Is there room for Abby in there too?"

"No? Are you sure? Abby could probably squeeze in on this side."

"You don't think so?? Okay, then...
Abby could definitely find room over on THIS side."

"Hey Charlie.. If you just move your front paws over to the left,
Abby would have room to stretch out even."

"Now if you'd just move your back paws to the right,
Abby could curl up next to you."

Charlie looks thrilled at that prospect, doesn't he?

"Okay, Chuck... We're going to have to move some of these toys out of here
for Abby to maximize her relaxation factor."

Charlie: "That's it. Dog's out of here."

"Come on, Rattlesnake. Let's find a quieter place to nap."

"That's better. Abby thought he'd never leave."

Norman: "Don't get any ideas, Abby.
This sun spot belongs to Norman."


"Are you really going to let that Lady get away with only a measly
few photos of Chanel? Don't you feel cheated???"

"She's not even telling you the biggest secret...."


  1. Yay for Chanel - such a cutie glad shes got her own forever humans to wait on her hand and foot! :D

  2. lovely to see them all going off to forever homes!

  3. I can't wait to hear the biggest secret!! Yay for Chanel!!!

  4. oooo - a cliffhanger. :)

    Poor Charlie - those kittens are just pesky. MOL

  5. Hugs to Charlie, he's such a good big brother. And Chanel, don't do that to me-a teaser, really? I can't wait too long to find out what it may be. Hurry back soon.

  6. Secret? no.. no secret.. I was planning on hording the last few posts, Spreading out the Chanel to make her last as long as possible.. but now.. NOW I have to come back and read the next post.. you evil evil Chanel pusher woman you..

    (love the sunpuddle posts, and Abby kicking Charlie out of bed.. priceless)

    1. No one is MAKING you come back tomorrow. But you could. If you need a Chanel fix. You make the posts last for as long as you need. We understand.

  7. I have such a crush on sweet, patient Charlie!

    Weekend posts? You spoil us! :)

    1. Just don't get used to it ;)

      My dog is amazing... an amazing pain in the rear tonight, but amazing nevertheless.

  8. Is Chanel's new dad aware of her parrot tendencies? :-)

    1. Oh yes. It's one of the many things he loves about her.