Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cuddle Puddles

Snow day (finally!) in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town. The family and fosters took full advantage and rested up after our extraordinarily busy (yet, oh so satisfying) weekend.

(Left to Right) Bear, Misty, Levi, and Grizzly Madison take a nap

"Go away, Lady. We are SLEEPING!"
(That would be Grizzly, by the way)

Levi shows off his gray blended coat and faint tabby stripes.

Uh-oh... We awoke the Sleeping Bear.

"You will cuddle Bear NOW??!!?!?!!!!!??"
(It would be at this point that I share the fact that Bear is
the demanding cuddle monster of the family)

"Don't look at me, Lady. YOU woke him up. YOU snuggle him."

Well, of course I did.


The Abby and Chanel Update Continues...

I received a quick update from Abby and Chanel's new dad yesterday. The family continues to be over-the-moon in love with their girls. Abby has not only become her dad's constant companion, but she is taking on the task of mothering her poor little sister.

I think I saw that coming...

"She keeps licking Chanel's head, even though
Chanel TOLD her she could do it HERSELF!"

The family appreciates the outpouring of love from our little community and promises more updates in the future. I can't wait to watch these girls grow up :)


  1. Oh my, those new babies are too cute! I'd snuggle them all day! MOL
    Aw, yay for Chanel and Abby! They're so sweet! Perhaps their new daddy should start a blog so we can all watch them grow! MOL! I'd follow!

    1. I think he's got his hands full with two teenage daughters and two girl kittens. The poor man is outnumbered. Although he did promise that the girls would text me photos regularly and I'll pass those along to you. Perhaps we can get them to leave us comments occasionally here too ;)

  2. A Chanel blog would be fun! What a great idea Andrea.

    1. See my reply to Andrea. I think a Chanel blog would probably have to be written and published by Chanel herself... which I'm not saying she couldn't figure out, but she IS just a baby ;)

    2. I don't know, Chanel is pretty amazing and un-containable.. I so bet she figures it out

  3. Cute little monkeys! They're adorable. I love fluffy babies.

    And yay for Chanel and Abby! I love that they went together.

  4. yeah for the update - yeah, we agree that dad is outnumbered and about to be serious outmaneuvered in that house. :)

    Those babes are cuties. Mom looks like the momma cat here right now.

  5. Ty for the great update! Yay on Chanel & Abby's new home. Their poor Dad, but I bet he loves every minute of being outnumbered! :) The last 2 pictures of the kittens are my favorite. Bear looks so happy/excited. Bet he grows up to be several pawsfull!

  6. I'm still over the moon about Abby's joining Chanel. Many congratulations to their new, excellent family. As for the new crew: wow, are they a load of lookers!

  7. Kelly we are so excited to hear and see more about the new babies, especially Bear:) We hope to hear good news about our possible adoption and we wait patiently until then!

    Ila & Abe

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