Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You Ready? Bombshell Contained Within

In case you missed it. We had such a crazy busy weekend that I gifted you with a Saturday post AND a Sunday post. If you haven't already read them, go backwards and work from there. You've missed a lot over the weekend.

And Now for the Bombshell to End All Bombshells

Chanel was adopted on Saturday afternoon. (Don't worry... that's not the bombshell. I expect that you already knew that particular piece of information.)

When I arrived at adoption hours, her excited new family was already waiting for us. We sat down at a table in the adoption area, surrounded by playpens full of available cats and kittens,

Chanel's new dad mentioned that he had been thinking about feline companionship for Chanel and eventually (sometime down the road) adopting another kitten for their family.

He admired a young cat in a nearby playpen, noting that this youngster looked very much like their dear departed Luigi.

He asked to meet this kitty and hold it while we were filling out the paperwork. Magic was worked, and by the time we were ready for signatures, a second set of adoption papers were being completed.

Chanel has a new forever sister.

Her name is Abby.

Yes... that Abby, OUR ABBY!!!!

Woo Hoooooooooooo!
Break out the kitty treats!

I wasn't prepared for this to happen so quickly. Remember, this is the kitten who just got the go ahead to attend adoption hours two days prior. The one who had been with me since September. The one who had been a perfect fit with my family for months. The one I love with all my heart.

I knew I couldn't keep her. I wanted her to be adopted. I just never imagined it would happen like this, or that it would happen within the first 30 minutes of her time at the adoption center.

But, like I said, Abby worked her magic. She flirted. She purred. She charmed. She hugged. She grabbed hearts and ran off with them... just like I knew she could.

And so on Saturday afternoon, a new family was created...

I am blissfully happy for them. I'm not sure my brain has completely wrapped itself around these events. I do know that my feet have barely touched the ground since then.

And on Saturday evening, a happy phone call and several text pictures were exchanged. Behold Abby and Chanel in their new home...

We haven't heard the last of Chanel and Abby. I've been promised updates and photos from time to time. And I still have photos that you haven't seen yet.

PS-- Someone is feeling a little bit bored and lonely without her friends today.


  1. OH YAY!That is amazing news! Not only does Chanel get a forever sister but both girls are clearly at an amazing home. So glad to see the updates!

  2. What a happy (and also sad for Foster Mama) day!! You're doing SUCH good works, Kelly - hugs for you (and Ruby)... :)

  3. Oh!! How could you possibly let them go to that home! It is clearly very stressful for them..LOL! If those aren't the most blissed out faces I have ever seen! (kitties & parents!) What a wonderful adoption story and great home for your two precious babies!

    I would really like to foster some day..but anticipate that I would be a foster failure every.single.time! You are doing such a fantastic job with these babes, I know it must be extremely hard to let them go, but when you have adoptions like this and see how much these kitties will be loved it must also make your heart just sing!

    I'm glad that you will get updates on Abby and Chanel! I suspect that Chanel will take over their computer and send you them herself!


    1. Karen, start fostering with a whole litter of kittens. By the time they are ready to go back, they are a bunch of terrors and are into everything and it is pretty much akin to a two year old birthday party with cake AND candy AND clowns.. pure and utter chaos and you are so ready to trade them in for another set of younger quieter calmer kittens (who will also turn into terrors) One or two kittens are easy to get attached to, easy to dismiss the mayhem they create. five.. that is a whole different story ;)

    2. What Connie said. The more that there are, the less you think about keeping them.

      Also, yes... I have no doubt that Chanel will figure out a way to communicate with the outside world ;)

  4. Happy tears for Abby! I was worried about her doing the adoption hours (even though you would be there) and the right people finding her, but this is perfect! She, Chanel and their new family will be so good together. I can't imagine a better story - it was worth the wait!! :)

  5. Tell Ruby to hold on - we are just getting into kitten season. :)

    WAAAHOOO for Abby and Chanel and their new family!!! That is wonderful news. Sometimes the most unexpected adoptions are the ones that mean the most.

  6. That is wonderful news! Congrats! (*** handing you a tissue***) It's always bittersweet isn't it?

  7. Oh Ruby, I shall entertain you.. (and smother you with kisses)

    congrats to Abby and Chanel.. they look so very happy.

  8. Wow, what wonderful news! Hugs to you and Ruby, I am sure there are more little kitties right-around-the-corner.
    **peeks to see if you are hiding any more big news**

    1. More BIG news? No, not so much. Perhaps a small announcement tomorrow.

      The four babies in the front room are enough for now. ;)

    2. I'm so silly. Chanel and Abby's story had totally distracted me from remembering that you DO have new little ones with you :)

  9. I had been SO hoping that Chanel's new family would realize that the little fashionista would need a kitty colleague -- and after last week's pictures of Abby showing off her stylistic chops, that she would be the one. However, I never thought my fantasia would come true. Yay, yay, yay! Many thanks for the great news, Kelly!!!!!!

  10. YAY ABBY'S NEW FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

  11. Oh, that's good a foster mom for kittens that is such a relief to see them go to a good home. And get pics so soon :)

  12. Oh ya gotta love it when an adoption turns into a double!!!

  13. Now that's a happy family picture. We know you'll miss em, but we know you couldn't be happier!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  14. Ok I am in tears, albeit happy tears, with this story! What wonderful news! Congrats to the new family and a hug to you. The bittersweet side of fostering, indeed, but you done good!

  15. Awww, so happy for Abby and Chanel and for you! What a great great GREAT story!

    And I so loved the pix from their new family. Oh the sweetness...!

    Loved your comment about Chanel figuring out "a way to communicate with the outside world" -- as though she's going into the witness protection program or something. LOL!