Thursday, January 24, 2013

An Interlude With Norman

"AHEM... It has come to Norman's attention that the short one
you call 'Chanel' is attracting the lion share of attention around here lately."

"You MAY have forgotten...
But NORMAN used to be the star of this blog."

"Just LOOK at Norman's stately presence and 
be in both awe and wonder of his exquisite stature 
and gentlemanly airs."

"Excuse me for a moment..."
(whap whap whap whap whap!)

"SEE? Norman is BEATING away the ladies."


"Is that true, Mr. Norman?"

"They really like CHANEL best?
Chanel, Chanel, CHANEL!"

"That information is quite disappointing to Ruby."

"After all... RUBY has the fantastical whiskers."

"And have they forgotten about Ruby's distinctive orange splotch?
CHANEL doesn't have an orange splotch."

"My MAMA loves me best...
So do Mr. Norman and Mr. Simba.
So THERE, Chanel!"


And Speaking of Chanel...

Just LOOK at how teeny she is!!!!
Small = Chanel
Medium = Ruby
Large = Abby
(and Abby looks quite small in comparison to Norman, Sadie, or Simba)

I see Chanel has been working her charms... again.

Sadie has come completely into her own here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town. She is such a good girl (but we already knew that). What I didn't know is how active and playful she can be... girlfriend's girth is clearly from a sedentary four months at the shelter and not due to her nature. It's actually quite amusing to watch her run and play. She has the run of the house during the day now and gets along with everyone but Simba (who isn't going to welcome anyone). She has a wonderful personality and needs a home of her very own... like yesterday!

Zelda continues to improve. I've given her the run of the house too, but she chooses not to take advantage. She spent most of yesterday either on top of or under my bed. When I left the house for 30 minutes to pick up a kid from school, I returned to no Zelda. Not only had she left the bed, but she left the bedroom... and the first floor to boot. She's getting there, but we're going to be at this for a while.

Abby has a follow up at the vet this morning for her surgically repaired eye. I'll update when we return.

And then I'll take lots and lots of pictures of Chanel for you. We've only got a couple more days with her.


  1. Aww Normie- you're still number one in my heart!

  2. Dear Norman of course you are the star! And we'd love to see a picture of you and Sadie together!

    PS love you too Ruby Roo!

    1. I'm not sure they've even been in the same room yet, let alone close enough to be in the same photo frame. We'll work on that.

  3. Don't worry Norman - the little one will eventually leave and we can get back to least until the next crew shows up. :) At least Ruby loves you

  4. Aw, Norman is a handsome gent! And Ruby is adorable as usual! Chanel is just at that precious age and size! Love them all!
    Yay for progress in the other ladies!