Friday, January 11, 2013

Look Out, Boys... There's a New Sheriff In Town

And her name is Chanel,
Coco Chanel

On Tuesday evening, a teeny tiny tabby and white kitten moved into our front foster room. She joined two five-month-old boys and one three-year-old lady. Chanel sized up the situation and took approximately 3.7 seconds to declare both her arrival and her supremacy.

"Zelda cares not for your 'supremacy.' Zelda merely wishes you to put down that noisy box and snuggle her."

Zelda greeted Chanel in the same way she did the boys... calm, polite indifference. As long as no one is jumping on her or trying to take over the heated bed, Zelda can get along with anyone. She's just happy to be here, even if it doesn't show in the photos. Her main objective in life is to be loved and since the camera doesn't pet her, she's just not interested in playing nice with it.

"Ahem... Weren't we supposed to be discussing Chanel???"

Ah yes, back to Miss Chanel... She loves being the center of attention. Chanel doesn't care if it's human attention, feline attention, or canine attention. She just wants it directed towards her and will peep and tap and chase whomever is not paying court to her.  

(Notice Charlie at the door above. He whines and whines to get inside the room and meet the new kid. Chanel is not impressed with his desperation... or his size. She told him to mind his manners the very first instant she met him.)  

Photographing Little Miss has been more difficult than with any other kitten before her. Quite simply put, she never stops moving.  98.7% of photos containing Chanel also contain a blur. If she deigns to sit still, she is either sleeping or in your lap (or ideally, sleeping in your lap).

Getting a quality Chanel photo-story is my goal of the weekend. Along with finding forever homes for some of the older members of the gang. All four residents of the front foster room will go to adoption hours this weekend, although Chanel will not be allowed to leave us just yet. We should have at least another week or two with her before she goes on her merry way.

Frosty is gaining weight and confidence in the foster room. He is a sweet, quiet boy who loves to play and snuggle. I'm finding that he does not mind other cats, or dogs, or kids. There's no "alpha" in Frosty... just love and a yearning for acceptance.

Our angel Zelda is eating regularly, gaining weight, and happy ensconced in a warm room and loving atmosphere. She is soaking up as much love as she can. She also accepts cats, dogs, and kids. As long as there's room for Zelda in your lap, she will share with whomever she needs to in order to stay there.

And seriously... What's it going to take for Lincoln Quincy-Adams to find his forever home???? I love our boy and it's absolutely no trouble for him to be here, but it's time for his family to discover how wonderful this boy is.  He's not getting any younger.

No decisions have been made yet, but I'm told there is room at the store for a couple more kitties. Depending upon adoptions, one or more of the older three may be taking up residence there at the end of the weekend. I'm not ready to make that choice or commitment yet. Each of the three of them are as sweet as sweet can be, and in their own ways I feel as if they each still need something from me.  The only thing I know for sure is that Madame Chanel will be here on Monday.

Who knows how many servants she will have to attend her...

"Hey Lincoln... Just so you know... 
Chanel will cut you if you catch the birdy before she does.
So just sit there and look pretty."


ABBY UPDATE: Our girl Abby continues to improve health-wise. The new meds were exactly what she needed. No more wheezing, no more sneezing, she's eating and her eye is even clearing up. Now we just need to work a little bit on her attitude...

She's been crabby beyond belief this week, which to anyone who knows Abby is unthinkable. Hopefully, being able to breathe will work wonders for her disposition. She's sitting in my lap right now. It's a start.


  1. Hope things with Abby begin to work out. Chanel is one of the cutest little bundles of kitten I have seen. XX crossing fingers for Lincoln again this weekend. Hugs to all!

  2. is the breathing issue nasal or in the chest?

    I adore Chanel.. I love those kittens with personalities that take up the entire room (and the internet while they are at it) and Zelda had me at heated bed..

  3. OMC - that kitten has it coming and going. Paws crossed for adoptions this weekend....We understand about Lincoln, we feel the same way about our girl Gin. :) purrs to Abby.....

  4. Chanel is adorable! And appears to know it! I hope the rest of them find their homes fast!

  5. Best of luck to Abby -- it's no fun feeling crummy -- and many thanks for the vision of Zelda's wings. What a lovely girl she is. I'm very much hoping that Lincoln and Frosty can find a home TOGETHER. What a pair of handsome, sweet fellows. Fingers crossed for some great adoptions this weekend!

  6. I can't believe the size difference between Chanel and Lincoln! Kittens grow a lot in 5 months!

    Paws crossed that Lincoln finds his family this weekend!

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