Thursday, January 17, 2013

Worried, Worried, Worried

Oh bother.... I'm feeling a bit like Eeyore the donkey this morning. My sensors are set to preoccupied and worried.  I'm sure you can guess why, but just in case you're not sure or wondering...

Lincoln Quincy-Adams packed his little bags and moved to Petco last night. Our shyest, most highly sensitive member of the family did not want to go. I'm not sure that I was ready to let him go either... if our quarantine needs had been different, he might still be here. But, our Lincoln (despite being a worrier away from home) is a big, brave boy who is ready to take on the challenge of living at the store.

He refused to come out of the carrier for the first half-hour we were there. I thought I'd wait him out, but he made his intention clear to remain inside until I took him home again... so out he came, with a hiss and a little growl. He hissed at the ladies in residence, he hissed at the dogs outside the condos at their doggie class, he hissed at me... and then he had a drink of water, checked out the litter box, sat in a bed, and sniffed Lila's butt.  He's going to be okay, but I'm still going to worry about him.

Our sweet Zelda went along with Lincoln. In contrast to our drama boy, she popped right out of the carrier and investigated her new surroundings. She looked a little worried when I closed the condo door, but then she went off to have a snack and meet Sadie. She's going to be just fine, but I'm still going to worry about her.

Abby Cadabby is finally healthy enough for her eyelid surgery and she heads in to the vet clinic first thing this morning. It's a minor procedure and she's going to be just fine, but I'm still going to worry about her.

I will update both here and on the Facebook page with her condition when she is home.

Thankfully, there is someone here who is capable of providing enormous distraction. In fact, she virtually dares you to try and think about something else while she is in the room. And so I bring you...

Glamour Shots with Chanel

"Don't hate Chanel because she is beautiful.
Merely appreciate the beauty and snuggle it."

Our former bottle baby is a demanding little princess 
who prefers a lap or a shoulder upon which to sit.

"HEY! Chanel is the BABY!
You should want to hold her anyway."

Up close and personal with Chanel as she
investigates the camera.

She has the most wonderfully exquisite whiskers...

And terribly terrific toes!


Distracted yet?


Me too.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be all about a demanding little princess I know. She practically insists...

ABBY UPDATE (Thursday 1:15 pm)

Abby is out of surgery and, from what I hear, everything went well. She is recovering at the vet's for another few hours before I bring her home.


  1. awwww - it is so hard to do the right thing sometimes. we hope Zelda and Lincoln's families show up quick. purrs to Abby during her surgery and recovery. and that Chanel is gonna give some family a run for their money :)

  2. The toes are Kee-ling me! Sqeee! You and Robyn both did it today. I will have to bookmark these pages to come back to if I happen to be having a particularly Eeyore-like day in the future. Thanks :)

  3. ahh.. poor Lincoln and Ab... SQUEEE!! Hello beautiful Channel.. so nice to see you again. how can I make your life so much better today..

  4. Aw, it's hard not to worry, but if they don't go there, they won't get to find their forever, where they will be happiest! Hugs!
    Goodness, Chanel is a little doll! Whoever gets her is going to have a diva on their hands!

  5. I'm pulling for those two sweeties, Lincoln and Zelda -- and many thanks for the Abby update!

  6. OMG, Chanel is just the cutest! And those toes .... !! She's going to be snatched up in a heartbeat.