Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Okay, I know that I've used the word to describe previous kittens in our household... but the only word that truly applies to our darling Chanel starts with an m, ends with an e, and rhymes with tennis.

Yesterday afternoon, I opened the doors to the foster room and let the kittens run amuk. Well... Lincoln ran amuk. Zelda took one look outside the door and went back to her heater bed. And Chanel? Well, Chanel decided she was in the mood for a little social media.

A screenshot of yesterday's Facebook post.

I don't think she missed a single solitary key on the keyboard. Chanel checked the battery life (100%... WooHoo!). She disconnected me from the internet twice, turned off the touchpad mouse innumerable times, and searched the internet for only words that she could spell. When she completed her havoc on the front side of the laptop, she ran to the back and unplugged it (goodbye, battery life). And then she hopped off to terrorize the others for a moment...

"Lincoln... The toys in the basket belong to Chanel. 
The roundy-ball in the track? Also Chanel's.
Don't touch the mouse on top. That's Chanel's too."

"WHAT?? He's moving out soon anyway...
All Chanel's... All Chanel's... All Chanel's!"

And so Chanel ran amuk, amuk, amuk for a whole hour...

Until this happened...

Shhhhh... Baby's sleeping!

From sixty to zero in 3.1 seconds flat...


Meanwhile, back in the foster room...

I'm not sure I've ever seen Zelda cranky... let alone this cranky.
What's up, Zelda?

(Insert maniacal laughter here)
"Abby's butt is so warm!!!!"

"WHAT?? She wasn't ON it!
And it's WARM!!!!!!"

"But I would have been on it... Please make her move."


Big changes in store today. Lincoln and Zelda are scheduled to move to Petco this evening. Abby will move into the front foster room to facilitate her fasting for tomorrow's surgery. Chanel will join the general population to keep Ruby company (Lord help us all if the two of them join forces)

Ruby will definitely need the company. In addition to being Lincoln's primary partner in crime, she spends an awful lot of time like this...

She gets around, doesn't she?

What's that, Ruby?

"That wasn't nice, Lady..."

Gotta go hug a couple of kitties really hard and really long for the rest of the day.... I'll update you all tomorrow.


  1. I know all about cats wrecking havoc on computers... once Holly switched my keyboard to Arabic. I had to shut it down in order to switch it back to English. And just yesterday, when I was working from home (actually working, not just playing on the internet), she SHUT DOWN the computer. Luckily, I was able to retrieve the document I was working on. Sigh.

  2. I love her little pink tongue sticking out!

  3. Aww-I love sleeping baby pics! And oh yes, Oreo is quite skilled at turning off the TV and the computer when I've been on too long. She also occasionally checks some kind of code thing on Chrome. I guess if she were a boy I could have named her McAfee the way she checks on things all the time. I wish the best for Abby, Lincoln, and Zelda btw. I hope Ruby and Chanel can be the best of friends.

  4. yep - them little ones are trouble....Bourbon actually walked across the vet's laptop and reset it (and then got put in timeout). MOL Can't begin to imagine how much havoc Chanel and Ruby are going to create. Purr to Abby on her surgery.....

  5. I think I'm in love with Chanel.. :) and I KNOW I'm in love with Ruby.

  6. Chanel is a mess! And I love how the babies can be wide open one minute and then literally fall over sound asleep the next!

    And please tell me you put poor little Zelda back on her heated blanket! I hope she has a heated blankie at Petco, too...hugs to her and Lincoln!