Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Foster Faces in Review



Abby (with The Roo)










Mama Clarice





Princess Torii


Mama Mae

20 fosters, 19 adoptions, 1 more to go.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Staircase Sister Squabble

"No, Max. RUBY is the big sister. And as the big sister, RUBY is the queen of the stairs. YOU can be the court jester instead if you like."

Blink :: Blink :: Think :: Think

"No, Ruby. Max does not think she cares for your proposition."

"Enjoy ruling your kingdom of carpet and fuzzballs. And by the way... 
You might not want to fall down your kingdom again."

Blink :: Blink :: Think :: Think
"Don't fall down my kingdom? Whatever could Max be referencing there?"

***********time warp***********

***********time warp***********

"WHEN will The Roo ever live that down? 
Ruby only fell down the stairs twice in December!"

Roo is right. She IS getting better about the stairs. But better is a relative term, isn't it?

The sisters have taken their squabble to the upstairs hallway. They are currently in Round Four of a high stakes hybrid wresting and racing match. My money is on Max, but I do like it when Roo gets a good move in on her baby sister :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Very Best Christmas Gift Ever

Their stockings were stuffed and filled to bursting with the very best items from the clearance shelf. There was one for Max and one for Ruby, a pretty needlepoint one for Mae with the wrong name on it, and socks for Simba and Chuckles too.

Charlie demanded an immediate inspection of his stocking, but only because he smelled food within.

Max checked them all out one by one while the other kitties snoozed and loozed. 

But then she got distracted.

And helped herself to an ornament or two. She especially enjoyed playing a round of tether ball with the one hanging from the long string in front.

The stockings remained stuffed for most of the morning... until Simba was found wresting on the floor with an entire knitted behemoth full of catnip toys. 

This is the one he chose.

A green satin tube full of stuffing and catnip made a grumpy old man as happy as a kitten.

His joy was contagious and, wouldn't you know... there were fabric tubes of catnip in each and everything stocking.

The toys were wrestled,

And rested upon,

And chewed, 

And kicked into submission.

The best 99 cents (times 4) that Santa ever spent.

And when play time was over...

The old man took to his new Christmas bed (which made Charlie very happy to have him out of his bed for a change). 

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Evolution of a Mane

Mae's Mane... Summer 2013
(Date unclear, but I'm thinking June)

Mae's Mane... November 13, 2013

Mae's Mane... November 24, 2013

Mae's Mane... December 3, 2013

Mae's Mane... December 10, 2013

Mae's Mane... December 25, 2013

Kinda obvious, isn't it?

Bring the kitty inside and watch her fur grow :-)

Thinking I might need to do a Maxie tail retrospective next.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maery Christmas!

Mama Mae has a little Christmas secret.

It's hiding out behind that ginormous mane of hers.

She's got a whole collar full of Christmas ribbons and bells back there.

"It certainly wasn't MY idea. I worked all day to remove the silly thing... 
and it got stuck in my fur where it jingled every time I moved. The HORROR!"

Feel free to compose your own version of Jingle Bells in the comments ;-)


Doesn't really look like the same cat from this summer does it? I wonder if her mane is just a winter attraction or if she was still too young in this photo to have developed it yet. Only time will tell, I suppose.


I'm back (kinda, sorta). Much later than I had anticipated too. Just as my kids' Christmas schedule at school was winding down, my work schedule ratcheted up and then the most despicable intestinal virus known to man or beast hit with incredible malice. I am (mostly) better and managed to get (most of) Christmas off without a hitch. The holiday gave me a few days worth of photos to share, so I'll be back tomorrow evening with a bonus post to reward you for your patience.