Friday, December 27, 2013

The Evolution of a Mane

Mae's Mane... Summer 2013
(Date unclear, but I'm thinking June)

Mae's Mane... November 13, 2013

Mae's Mane... November 24, 2013

Mae's Mane... December 3, 2013

Mae's Mane... December 10, 2013

Mae's Mane... December 25, 2013

Kinda obvious, isn't it?

Bring the kitty inside and watch her fur grow :-)

Thinking I might need to do a Maxie tail retrospective next.


  1. amazing what consistent food and some TLC will do. that is one impressive mane!

  2. Beautiful mane! My Star gets a fuller mane in the winter, but there's evidence of it through out the summer too. Wonder what Mae's will look like in the height of summer

  3. Many thanks for the Mae Mane Event -- and It looks like this amazing girl is loving life indoors.

  4. Incredible! She truly looks like a totally different cat. I'm sure she enjoys the brushing too!

  5. Oh!! Mae's mane is simply magnificent!!