Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maery Christmas!

Mama Mae has a little Christmas secret.

It's hiding out behind that ginormous mane of hers.

She's got a whole collar full of Christmas ribbons and bells back there.

"It certainly wasn't MY idea. I worked all day to remove the silly thing... 
and it got stuck in my fur where it jingled every time I moved. The HORROR!"

Feel free to compose your own version of Jingle Bells in the comments ;-)


Doesn't really look like the same cat from this summer does it? I wonder if her mane is just a winter attraction or if she was still too young in this photo to have developed it yet. Only time will tell, I suppose.


I'm back (kinda, sorta). Much later than I had anticipated too. Just as my kids' Christmas schedule at school was winding down, my work schedule ratcheted up and then the most despicable intestinal virus known to man or beast hit with incredible malice. I am (mostly) better and managed to get (most of) Christmas off without a hitch. The holiday gave me a few days worth of photos to share, so I'll be back tomorrow evening with a bonus post to reward you for your patience.


  1. Or maybe you trapped the wrong cat....



    1. Ha! I won't say the thought has never crossed my mind. But I know those eyes, and the shape of her face, and many of her mannerisms because of the time I spent raising her children. I see her in that photo of the shorter haired cat too. She just has grown a truly spectacular mane of late.

    2. Kelly, could you perhaps juxtapose a picture of Mae soon after arriving with a current one? She really is a special soul!

  2. Wow, Mae's mane is growing more distinguished by the week -- she is such a beauty! Sorry to hear re the virus but very pleased you're on the mend. Best wishes for the New Year (and Mew Year).

  3. Beautiful Mae! Hope you are feeling 100% better soon!

  4. Glad you are feeling better Kelly. Here is a song to banish the last remenants of the nasty virus:

    Jingle bells, please do tell, what is up today
    Did you get a chance to play with the presents under the tree? Squee!

    All is well, ribbons and bells, beautiful beautiful Mae
    Oh what fun it is to have a post from Kelly today-hey!

    (Maybe not radio-worthy but I did my best) <3