Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mae Be It's You

Mae Be It's You

Mae Be It's You

She's been waiting for... All of her life.

Okay, now that I've got the music out of my system, it's time to talk turkey.

Okay, okay... not THIS turkey.

Let's talk holiday turkey, as in... Who do you plan to share that turkey with?

I know someone who LOVES turkey.

She daydreams about it, as a matter of fact.

It is my mission to expose Mae to the rest of the internet and, hopefully, find her permanent home in time for Christmas. So, without further ado, here are

  The Top Ten Reasons That You Should Adopt Mae

#10... She's gorgeous.

In case the photographs aren't doing her justice, I think that Miss Mae just might be the most beautiful cat to ever grace Teeny Tiny Tabby Town. Her black fur shimmers and shines in the light and, if you look real closely, you can see shades of orange and gray reflect off her. She has a secret patch of white that she will let the right person get a peek at, but she thinks she might be saving that for her forever person.

#9... She makes pretty incredible kittens.

Check that, we should change that to she made pretty incredible kittens. Mae's kitten factory is officially and permanently closed for business. But in her one and only time as a mama, she managed to make these three:

It would be worth a mention that anyone who adopts Mae would automatically become part of my family as we have her little squirt Max residing with us permanently. Max would be happy to address you as "Grandma" or "Grandpa" and we could exchange cards on important holidays ;)

#8... She deserves it.

Mae started life on her own. She had to be plucky, resourceful, and strong to survive on the streets. She had three babies when she was just a baby herself (we're guessing at about 6-7 months old) and managed to raise beautiful and loving little babies.

#7... She's the most un-feral feral cat in the history of feral cats.

We assume Mae was born outside to another feral mama. But being feral is definitely not in her DNA. Over a very short period of time, she decided that life was better on the inside of the house and that she was willing to trust people in order to get there. When we decided to bring her in from the colony right before Halloween, there was no trapping necessary. She walked up to the kitten catcher to say hello... and the kitten catcher simply picked her up and walked inside.

#6... She's got a unique look.

There will never, ever be another one like her. From the fluffy gray highlighted mane to her lovely tipped ear, Mae is a one of a kind.

Her ear was tipped at the time she was trapped for TNR, so she is missing the tip of her right ear (as seen here). It does nothing to detract from her beauty or signify that there's anything wrong with her (physically or otherwise). It simply makes Mae "Mae".

#5... She's a purr machine. Just try her. She purrs as easily as she breathes.

And she drools... while she kneads and nuzzles your neck. She's a highly trained kitty masseuse who brings her own lubrication. What more could you want or need?

#4... She's playful.

You don't need a baby kitten to get a playful young cat. Mae is old enough to have a known personality (sweet, sweet, sweet), but young enough to play with toys and entertain herself (and you!). And if she's content enough to play with a single toy in the middle of a driveway, just imagine what she'll do when being spoiled in her every own forever home.

#3... She gets along well with others.

After an initial period of shyness and "getting to know you", Mae is as friendly as friendly can be. She accepts all manner of creatures: human, feline, canine. She's more curious than threatened or bothered by others. She tried all sorts of ways to get the other adult cats in the outside colony to play with her, and felt a bit rejected when they chose not to do so. In her few interactions here, she has quietly observed and made friends without fuss.

She thought Garnet was lovely. She has been out and about in the main house a few times at this point. She doesn't initiate contact, but tends to wander and look to see who's there. Her gentle nature will make her a wonderful companion for the lucky person who selects her.

#2... She's the complete package, so why the heck wouldn't you want to adopt her?????

#1... She will never do this to your Christmas tree.

She lives in our Christmas tree room. While Max and Ruby have created havoc with the tree, helping themselves to ornaments and making general mayhem, Mae has never once touched it. She doesn't even sit underneath it or drink from the water dish. She may be an actual saint of a cat. You need her.

Mae (aka Maisy Mae, MayBe, and Maybelline) is just over one year old. After spending the first year of life on the streets of suburban Detroit, where she gave birth to three kittens and raised them in some backyard bushes, Mae consented to becoming an indoor cat. She is spayed and up-to-date with her vaccinations. She is affectionate, playful, and an all around "good" girl. If you are interested in adopting Mae, please contact me through e-mail at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com. Don't let distance keep you from the best cat ever. We can arrange transport if necessary. 


Now, I know my regular readers probably are not in the market for a kitty... and that's okay. But what if you know someone who is? Or, what if one of your friends is looking for the perfect Mae and you don't know they're looking for the perfect Mae? ACK! The best solution for everyone involved (especially Mae)? Share... share, share, share, share, share. Let's get Mae out there and let's get her home.


  1. I'm going to drop this into the comments because I don't want to mess with the Mae post, but I just wanted to give fair warning that I won't be around much this week. Between a business that quadrupled with "regular" daily clients and the holiday season doubling or perhaps even tripling that amount, I'm a bit overwhelmed (in a very good way, though). But it comes at a price... I haven't wrapped a single gift, addressed a single card, or baked even one cookie. I need to spend what free time I have paying attention to my family's Christmas at this point. I will be here when I can (and I will absolutely answer any inquiries about Mae just as soon as humanly possible). But blog writing might be beyond my capabilities for a week or so. Bear with me. I'll be here whenever I can.

  2. That's OK, most of us need to be working on our own Christmas stuff instead of spending so much time on here! Thanks for all you do for us!

  3. Good luck Mae!!! We know your family is out there.

  4. Such a sweet girl. I hope her family comes for her soon. They really need to claim her to ensure their holidays are as joyful as possible.


  5. Miss Mae is so lovely. I kind of wish I were in the market for another cat. But Holly (Cat #1) still hasn't fully forgiven me for bringing home Figaro (Cat #2).

  6. reason 8.5 should be reason enough. Come on Mae's people.. where are you??