Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back In Black

Look who's back among us!

When I went into the upstairs foster room on Tuesday morning to check on Mae, I found her here:

Up in her selected security cave.

She wasn't just under the recliner. Mae was IN the recliner... as in behind the cushions and up the back. She had apparently burrowed in from behind the sectional itself. The fabric on the back has been loosened at the seam so that my sectional now has an entrance flap in the rear.

"I fail to see your issue, Lady. It's a design IMPROVEMENT!"

I decided it was time for Mae to come back out to us and join the world of non-recliner dwellers. I tried sweet talk. I tried toys. I tried bribing her with food. I reached in to pet her and was on the receiving end of a hiss. 

So this young lady not only had the nerve to redesign my furniture but she hissed at me too? Oh, heck no. 

I had her out in ten seconds.

"You didn't need to get GRABBY, Lady."

Um... Yes, I did.

But within seconds of pulling her out, Mae was snuggling and purring and trying to get to the treat that I had first tried tempting her with... leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

"That was quite tasty, Lady."


Mae received as much turkey as her little heart desired and, to my great surprise and pleasure, has not been back inside of the recliner since.

So if you're looking for a cat and aren't averse to sharing your Thanksgiving delicacies, you might consider Mae. She'd love to help you clean your plate.


The Roo would like to remind you that today is Tuesday.

You know what that means*.

No, it doesn't mean a special guest.

Roo is afraid of guests, even the special ones.

"No guests on Ruby Tuesday! It's a Ruby Tuesday rule."


*Please tell me that I'm not the only old here who understands the pop culture reference that I am trying to make here.

**Adding a link to said pop culture reference because I realized that it is much older than I thought (and much older than I am). I have absolutely no idea why, but every time I hear the words "Today is Tuesday" I will automatically begin singing this song:

***Actually, I do know why I sing this song. Good parenting that exposed me to the old Mickey Mouse Show. I do believe I had a record album with this song on it many, many moons ago..


  1. someone recently told me that cats hiss out of fear much like we sneeze.. they simply can not help it..

    I am sure I'll get the pop reference when I hear it, but I'm not making the connection at at the moment.. unless you are referring to Morrie..

  2. Kelly-I believe I had a similar upbringing and am also about as old as you. I remember the Mickey Mouse Club.

  3. Is Mae a fan of catnip -- it might be a means of coaxing her out of her next redoubt... Great to see both her and the Roo!

  4. she must have met Basil at some point - he has removed a section of staples on the underside of my sofa and sits up there to stalk his sister and Rosemary and they walk by