Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meet and Greets

Mama Mae was NOT feeling it upstairs living in the family room by herself after Garnet moved.

"NOPE! Not liking this. Not one little bit!"

So, Mae moved back downstairs to her old room.

Which is where the Christmas tree is living right now too.

Yep... We're living dangerously.

We've also decided it's time to integrate her into the regular goings on of the household. She's lonely and it's no good for her socially to separate her from everyone at this way way way too busy time of life around here. So she did some meeting and greeting.


She met Max...

Who hissed at her mama... twice.


She met Roo...

Who sang the not-too-friendly song of her warrior people.


She met Simba...

Who scared the crap out of her (quite literally, I'm afraid).


"That big boy freaked Mae out. Seriously..."


She met Chuckles-the-Wonder-Pooch...

Who thought she smelled divine (and who didn't seem to impress Miss Mae one way or the other).


But, believe it or not, she's much happier back downstairs.

Even with the interlopers.

She looks ecstatic doesn't she?

I swear she's thrilled... purring, kneading, much more relaxed than upstairs. 

Stay tuned for further developments.


  1. She is so beautiful! She looks like my cat, Bear Bear.

  2. Hugs to all the animals in the manger and what a beautiful tree! Enjoy the season Kelly!