Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesdays with Forrie

"Esscuse me? Innernet Peoples? This is Tuesdays with FORRIE!"

"Can someone please tell my attention-hogging sister to get out of my post?"

"She's there again, isn't she?"

"Oh well... I will simply show you my amazing new talent,
which will absolutely take all of the attention right back from her."

"Do you see Innernet Peoples? 
Do you see how clean Forrest keeps his toes?
Is he not advanced and special?
No one else is as advanced or as special as Forrest..."

"Okay, okay, okay!
YOU can be as advanced and as special as Forrest, Fern.
Now, get OFF... You are squishing me!"

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday with Marigold

"Hallo Innernet Peoples! It is I... Marigold!"

"And I am here to brighten your Monday!"

"Did it work yet?"


A Sibling Story

by Marigold

"So I was laying here, minding my own business..."

"When my pipsqueak brother Ash got all up in my business."

"So I said, 'Dude, Back... the... truck... UP!"

"Ash is not a very good listener."


Three weeks old today, folks.

Ears are popping.

Kittens are moving.


Dahlia is not pleased.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


So... remember yesterday when I asked you to pay attention to Marigold's toes?

Because those toes would be important on Toesday?

Well, today is Toesday.

Have you noticed something about Miss Marigold's toes?

"HEY! My toes are down there!"


Miss Marigold has very distinctive toes.

The only white-toed mittens in the litter.

But they aren't just white mittens.

Marigold toes are white, but paws are not...

which leaves an arched line between her toes and paws.


These are not the only white-toed mittens in the house.

Someone else has distinctive toes.

White toes without white paws...

with an arched line between her toes and paws.


Do you remember who brought Mama Dahlia to the feral community?


Do you remember the relationship to this house?


Do you recognize these toes?


Given his friendship with Dahlia... 

Given the existence of black kittens...

Given the existence of distinct toes...

I am likely to proclaim it more likely than not that

"Maxwell... You ARE the father!"


We're calling Maxie "the big sister" now.

She doesn't like them either.

Oh... and those pictures of Marigold?

So nice, I used them twice.

You're welcome ;)


I'll be away for a couple of days.

My daughter, who graduated from high school on Saturday (sigh),

has college orientation this week (yikes).

We're traveling to campus and leaving the babies in good hands.

You'll see me again on Friday.

Have a good week.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Two Weeks Old!

Our kitten nuggets are two weeks old today!

To celebrate, they are becoming more vocal, 
more mobile, and more interested
 in the world around them.

Their personalities are starting to show themselves too.

All of these things make it more difficult 
to create the perfect baby picture though.

But it does make them cuter in person.

They pop up and mew for attention when I'm nearby.
They also straighten their legs to stand
and make hilarious attempts to toddle off
(occasionally getting somewhere in the process).

And so, without further ado...

The two-week-old update
(complete with photos and weights)



Fern is the undisputed drama queen of the litter.

She weighed in this afternoon at 10.8 ounces.

And couldn't wait to run off and tell the rest of the gang 
that she was no longer the "chunky monkey" in their midst.



You get extra pictures of Marigold today.

Mostly because she's the extra sleepy muffin head who will sit still for it.

She must know she's gorgeous.

She's also a delicate little thing at 10.6 ounces 
(making her the 4th kitten out of 5 in terms of size)

Pay attention to those toes.
They become important on Toesday.



That handsome devil Forrest weighed in at 10.8 ounces today.

He's the kitten most likely to be on the move if you give him half a chance.
That's why Dahlia likes to sit on him.

He's also mastering the "selfie" quite nicely.



Our normally easy-going Violet was not... having... it... with the pictures today.

It probably had something to do with finding out that she is now the
undisputed heavyweight champion of this litter at 11.0 ounces.

She hardly looks a thing over 10.9 ounces.
(In fact, I was and still am shocked that she outgained Fern.
Fern must be all fluff)



Our teeny tiny peanut pirate barely makes the scales move at 10.2 ounces.

But what he lacks in size, he makes up in personality.

He generally is the first one in the box to ask for attention.
(Well, besides his mother)

And he likes kissing on that little fluffy head of his too.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Compliments to the Chef

Marigold seems extra-satisfied after her latest trip to the milk bar.

Good job, Dahlia.


Our kitten nuggets continue to grow at a great pace. We weighed them yesterday (at 9 days old) with the following results:

Fern     (4.0 ounces at birth)     8.6 ounces

Marigold     (3.8 ounces at birth)     8.4 ounces

Forrest     (4.0 ounces at birth)     8.4 ounces

Violet     (3.8 ounces at birth)     8.6 ounces

Ash     (3.6 ounces at birth)     8.2 ounces

No wonder Dahlia looks skinny and ready to eat my arms.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Big Reveal

Our 9-day-old kittens are finally growing into their niblets and starting to give us a pretty good idea of who (and what) they are. We checked, re-checked, and triple-checked the little bits. A second round of kitten porn has been passed around the internet in the name of consultation and verification. We are confident enough in their genders to settle on baby names and contest winners.

First, the introductions....

The-Kitten-Formerly-Known-as-Number-One will now be known as

(for those of you counting, that's one girl)

"Hey! No Pawpurrazzi!"

"Talk to the paw!"

Little Miss Fern is the whiny baby drama queen of this litter.
She has stuff to say whether you want to hear it or not.


The Kitten-Formerly-Known-as-Number-Two is now named

(two girls for those who are keeping track)

"Hi there, Internet Peoples!"

Marigold is easily the mildest-mannered little dumpling of the litter.
She rarely speaks, in fact she's rarely seen awake.
That's not grumpiness on her face, it's just sleepiness.


The Kitten-Formerly-Known-as-Number-Three will now be called

(that's one boy and two girls)

In his spare time, Forrest likes to ride his invisible surfboard 
and show off his kitty bits.

He's a slightly less frosted version of his sister Fern and
missing the white tip on the tail. 
It's the quickest way I have to tell them apart right now.

Forrest is a pretty chill dude who has discovered that he doesn't mind
snuggling against shoulders...
which is surprising considering he was giving Fern a serious
run for her money as the drama queen of the litter.
But then he would be a drama king, wouldn't he?


The Kitten-Formerly-Known-as-Number-Four has been blessed with the name

(three girls and one boy so far for the counters)

Violet is busy looking at things other than the camera today.
That happens when they get eyeballs.

Violet is the kitten most likely to be on her back with
her paws in the air like she don't care.
She is also the kitten most likely to be on the bottom 
of the kitten mosh pit.
She has an eternal case of bed head
(and it's WAY cuter on her than it is on me)


The Kitten-Formerly-Known-as-Number-Five now carries the moniker of

(for a final count of two boys and three girls)

Ash is the one-eyed bikini-wearing pirate of the brood.

He has a black head and black body,
with ashy charcoal colored legs
(patterned with faint tabby stripes even).
Dahlia clearly worked a bit harder on the artistic side of Ash.

Ash is the teeny tiny serious little baby of the litter.
He's a few ounces smaller than everyone else,
which is probably why he had to adopt the fearsome
countenance of a one-eyed pirate.

Don't mess with Ash (heeheehee)


And now for the contest winners...

In an amazing turn of events, three readers managed to accurately sex FOUR of our kittens and their niblets. I say amazing because, at the time our original kitten porn was posted, I myself was only completely positive about TWO of them (and I had seen them live and in person!).

Because we are so impressed with such a great showing, all three will receive a very special prize (instead of the original promise of one winner drawn from a hat). Miz Robyn of Crooked Acres and Love & Hisses has sorted through her incredibly large selection of kitty toys and will be sending a box to each of our winners. Maybe, if you're very lucky, your box will contain an Alice Mo whisker, a Loony Jake hair, or (for the truly blessed) something that has been sneezed upon by Miz Poo. You can dream, can't you?

If our good friends (and excellent kitten sexers) Jeri, Tina, and Joann will send your snail mail addresses to teenytinytabbies@gmail.com, I will happily pass them along to Robyn right away. Congratulations!

An additional prize, consisting of a care package containing some of Simba, Ruby, and Max's favorite things (Brand new! You really don't want them if Simba has drooled on them...) goes to one of the very few people who accurately identified poor little Ash as a dude. Congratulations, Holly Waterfall! Send me your address so Postmaster Roo knows where to ship your stuff.

Thank you to everyone for your participation. This was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We Haz Eyeballs

"NOPE! Number Five gots NO eyeballs. 
You can't make Number Five get eyeballs, either!"

Number One has two eyeballs AND a tongue!
(So Number One can tell you exactly what Number One thinks about your looks)

Number Two has two eyeballs and darkening points.

Number Three has two emerging eyeballs,
but doesn't care to show them to you this evening.

And Number Four is just a show off.