Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesdays with Forrie

"Esscuse me? Innernet Peoples? This is Tuesdays with FORRIE!"

"Can someone please tell my attention-hogging sister to get out of my post?"

"She's there again, isn't she?"

"Oh well... I will simply show you my amazing new talent,
which will absolutely take all of the attention right back from her."

"Do you see Innernet Peoples? 
Do you see how clean Forrest keeps his toes?
Is he not advanced and special?
No one else is as advanced or as special as Forrest..."

"Okay, okay, okay!
YOU can be as advanced and as special as Forrest, Fern.
Now, get OFF... You are squishing me!"


  1. Forrie, we innernet peoples are amazed by your "feets" of dexterity!!

  2. Well done Forrest! Is tomorrow "Ash Wednesday"?

  3. Jeez... you're being greedy & hogging all this adorableness for yourself... I would like hourly updates on this squee-worthy batch of babies!!


  4. but everyone loves The Forrest and must be near by

  5. Such an adorable gray morsel!! Love his nose coloring.