Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday with Marigold

"Hallo Innernet Peoples! It is I... Marigold!"

"And I am here to brighten your Monday!"

"Did it work yet?"


A Sibling Story

by Marigold

"So I was laying here, minding my own business..."

"When my pipsqueak brother Ash got all up in my business."

"So I said, 'Dude, Back... the... truck... UP!"

"Ash is not a very good listener."


Three weeks old today, folks.

Ears are popping.

Kittens are moving.


Dahlia is not pleased.


  1. I cannot even begin to tell you how much Fred and I want to adopt Marigold! You probably already have a line a mile long for her, but if you do not ... please keep us in mind when the time comes for them to find furever homes.

  2. The *thud* you heard was Marigold backing the cute truck up and over me!!! :D

  3. That Marigold is gonna give her momma fits

  4. She is so incredibly cute. Like a tiny stuffed toy - I just want to (gently) smoosh her.

    And I think it's kinda funny that she looks exactly nothing like my Marigold.