Tuesday, June 9, 2015


So... remember yesterday when I asked you to pay attention to Marigold's toes?

Because those toes would be important on Toesday?

Well, today is Toesday.

Have you noticed something about Miss Marigold's toes?

"HEY! My toes are down there!"


Miss Marigold has very distinctive toes.

The only white-toed mittens in the litter.

But they aren't just white mittens.

Marigold toes are white, but paws are not...

which leaves an arched line between her toes and paws.


These are not the only white-toed mittens in the house.

Someone else has distinctive toes.

White toes without white paws...

with an arched line between her toes and paws.


Do you remember who brought Mama Dahlia to the feral community?


Do you remember the relationship to this house?


Do you recognize these toes?


Given his friendship with Dahlia... 

Given the existence of black kittens...

Given the existence of distinct toes...

I am likely to proclaim it more likely than not that

"Maxwell... You ARE the father!"


We're calling Maxie "the big sister" now.

She doesn't like them either.

Oh... and those pictures of Marigold?

So nice, I used them twice.

You're welcome ;)


I'll be away for a couple of days.

My daughter, who graduated from high school on Saturday (sigh),

has college orientation this week (yikes).

We're traveling to campus and leaving the babies in good hands.

You'll see me again on Friday.

Have a good week.


  1. Those are some awesome toes on everyone! Good luck with the college visit!

  2. Marigold is going to be a gorgeous lady cat when she grows up!

  3. "The toes knows"!!!

    Haha... yeah, I'm a dork :)

  4. such cute toes....and the snarky face too :)