Monday, June 1, 2015


Number Four can see you!

Did you hear the plinks?

Although, to be honest, Number Four does not care for the view.

Four told Five to keep the eyes tightly shut... and to pass it on.

"Don't look Three! It's a trap! 
Four's just laying there all serious and stuff. 
The eyeballs make you grow old before your time. 
Keep 'em closed!"

"Not looking! Not looking! Not looking!"

Notice how Number One is trying to distract us from the eyeballs with the toes.

Works well, doesn't it?

"You can't make me look, Lady. Number Five will!"

Look at the itty bitty scary kitty!


One week old today and two plinking eyeballs on one kitten. The others may not be far behind. Number One looks kinda ready. So does Five, regardless of what Five says above. Two and Three are not. having. it. They will see when they're darn good and ready.

I haven't forgotten the gender contest, although I have been out of town for a few days to take care of some family business. My kitten niblets are bigger and so are their kitten niblets. But I haven't taken time to examine them or create more kitten porn. I will hopefully have answers tomorrow.

My little girl goes to PROM tomorrow. If I don't start moving and get things done, she might be wearing a kitten corsage. 

Wait a minute.... that would be really cute.... 


  1. Would be cute to have a kitten corsage but probably not allowed. Wish her the best and I hope things are holding their own for you too. ((hugs))

  2. Come on little niblets! We want to see more of those baby blues! ��

  3. I'm actually really liking this naming theme of numbers :D


  4. "we refuse to cooperate with your plans lady"

  5. So freaking cute, little fuzzballs!

  6. oh come on, tell us you made her a kitten corsage, even if it was temporary.. :)