Monday, June 8, 2015

Two Weeks Old!

Our kitten nuggets are two weeks old today!

To celebrate, they are becoming more vocal, 
more mobile, and more interested
 in the world around them.

Their personalities are starting to show themselves too.

All of these things make it more difficult 
to create the perfect baby picture though.

But it does make them cuter in person.

They pop up and mew for attention when I'm nearby.
They also straighten their legs to stand
and make hilarious attempts to toddle off
(occasionally getting somewhere in the process).

And so, without further ado...

The two-week-old update
(complete with photos and weights)



Fern is the undisputed drama queen of the litter.

She weighed in this afternoon at 10.8 ounces.

And couldn't wait to run off and tell the rest of the gang 
that she was no longer the "chunky monkey" in their midst.



You get extra pictures of Marigold today.

Mostly because she's the extra sleepy muffin head who will sit still for it.

She must know she's gorgeous.

She's also a delicate little thing at 10.6 ounces 
(making her the 4th kitten out of 5 in terms of size)

Pay attention to those toes.
They become important on Toesday.



That handsome devil Forrest weighed in at 10.8 ounces today.

He's the kitten most likely to be on the move if you give him half a chance.
That's why Dahlia likes to sit on him.

He's also mastering the "selfie" quite nicely.



Our normally easy-going Violet was not... having... it... with the pictures today.

It probably had something to do with finding out that she is now the
undisputed heavyweight champion of this litter at 11.0 ounces.

She hardly looks a thing over 10.9 ounces.
(In fact, I was and still am shocked that she outgained Fern.
Fern must be all fluff)



Our teeny tiny peanut pirate barely makes the scales move at 10.2 ounces.

But what he lacks in size, he makes up in personality.

He generally is the first one in the box to ask for attention.
(Well, besides his mother)

And he likes kissing on that little fluffy head of his too.


  1. They're all so precious!!

  2. Gah the teeny tiny tails are killing me!!!

  3. They are all so adorable! That next to the last picture of Ash looks like he is facing into the wind, or replicating that famous stereo ad where there is a guy in a chair who is being blown away by the music, with his hair and tie streaming behind him! (Any youngster who had to look up the meaning of "stereo" won't get the reference. Google Hitachi Maxell man.) :-)

  4. Jeeeez... those are some seriously adorable babies. I think they're all going to be gorgeous and full of character!


  5. Beyond adorable. Love the winky Marigold!

  6. What a great celebration! When life hands you a blog of just have to view it and smile!

  7. baby bedhead!!! (tried to comment last night but my phone won't cooperate) Marigold appears to have already mastered the siamese snark....and that Ash is a cutie (we have a thing for the tiny kitts)

  8. is Fern white tipped or is that the lighting?

    Goodness Ash is killing me with those eyes

    1. White tipped. It's the quickest way to tell her from Forrest.