Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year In Review

Weekend Update:  While we were away, Mother Jefferson found her forever home!!!  She was adopted from the cat condos at Petco on Sunday afternoon.  I'll share any details that I get as soon as I have them.  And now to your regularly scheduled blog post...

Teeny Tiny Tabby Town opened its doors to our first fosters in May 2012. Since Memorial Day weekend, 28 foster cats and kittens have made our front room their home. As 2012 comes to a close, we celebrate and remember the fabulous fuzzy friends that we made this year.


Pretty Penny moved in over Memorial Day weekend after being rescued from a shelter in northern Michigan. We waited and waited for a litter of kittens that never arrived. Turns our girl is not only gorgeous, but brilliant too... the shelter staff believing that she was pregnant saved her life and brought her to us.

Penny (aka Penelope Jean the Calico Queen)

The Washington Family

Porter, Henry, and Eloise Washington arrived in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town on July 2nd. A litter made up of a match of singletons between eight and ten weeks old, they were fighting fleas, upper respiratory, and (sigh) ringworm for several weeks after their arrival.

Porter (aka Porkchop)

Henry (aka Hank)

Eloise (aka The Wheeze)

A fourth Washington joined us in August...

Ben (aka Benny)

Short Timers

Before the Washingtons left us, we had a couple very short timers grace us with their presence as they waited for room to open up in the Petco cat condos.

Bubby (aka Sebastian or Baz)

Clyde (aka Clydie-Hidey-O)

The Adams Family (snap snap)

In August, our rescue brought a litter of 13 kittens and their mama out of the county shelter. Dubbed "The Macomb 13", they lived together as a group for the first few weeks but illness necessitated them being split up for optimal care.  In total, 10 of the 13 kittens eventually called Teeny Tiny Tabby Town home. The first five were dubbed the Adams family.

Our teeny tiny messes were just learning to eat on their own when they arrived. When food crust was added to the snot of upper respiratory and spit-out medication, they were quite a crusty sight. (Above: Malibu, Hudson, and Cruz)

Bentley (aka Boopley)

Hudson (aka Huddy Buddy)

Malibu (aka Little Mally Boo Boo)

Shelby (aka Shell Bell)

Cruz (aka Cruzie Woozie)

After leaving us for Petco, Cruzie ended up in another couple foster homes due to illness.  We're ever so happy that he's back with us, but can someone please explain to me how this gorgeous hunk of man-kitten has not been adopted yet?? 

The Jeffersons

A gorgeous tortoiseshell mama cat moved in to our upstairs bathroom with her five newborn kittens... only 3 days old when they arrived.  (Can you believe I can identify each of the babies in this photo??  From left to right: Florence, Lionel, Clay, Willie Rae, Roxie)

Mother Jefferson (aka Mama)

Clay (aka Clayton the Bitey Little Brat)

Roxie (aka Rocks-em-Socks-em)

Florence (aka Flo-Flo-a-Go-Go)

Lionel (aka Leapin' Lionel)

Willie Rae (aka Sillie Rae or Rae-bird)

After doing her best to avoid adoption hours (complete with a swan dive off the banister all the way from the second floor) and rebuffing potential forever families, we finally figured out that Willie Rae had already picked her family... ours. Now, we call her Ruby. Little Miss Ruby went from being totally uninterested in people to becoming a total lap cat... purring non stop and demanding attention morning, noon, and night. I couldn't imagine not having her here.

The Sisters Washington

I started off by referring to our two tabby girls who arrived along with Henry on his return trip to Teeny Tiny Tabby Town as his cousins. But as we checked the paperwork, it appeared that they might be more closely related... as in sisters. They look alike and talk alike (at times they even walk alike), what a beautiful pair. They were scheduled to be here for just a couple weeks, but due to upper respiratory illnesses here and at Petco, they ended up staying quite a while longer.

Tika (aka Tika-Chu, I Choose You!)

Abby (aka Abra Cadabra)

Abby will be with us for a while longer. We've learned that part of her health problems involve the inner eyelids of her right eye being fused together, which make it difficult to drain tears and promotes the upper respiratory that she has trouble shaking. She will have surgery shortly after New Year's to separate them and we anticipate she will recover in the front room after the boys move out.

The Quincy-Adams Quints

A second group of five from "The Macomb 13" moved in to Teeny Tiny Tabby Town in November.  Five boys, all handsome but nothing alike, stormed the front room.

Cooper (aka Cooper the Super Pooper Trooper)

I-ROC (aka Rocky)

Woodward (aka Woody)

Peeps McQueen (aka Peepster)

Lincoln (aka Linky Dink and Stinkin' Lincoln

The Quincy-Adams Christmas Cousins

Two amazingly gorgeous babies were dropped off by their feral mama on the back porch of a friend to our rescue. After being fostered elsewhere for a few weeks, they moved in with us (and the Quincy-Adams boys).

Comet (aka Kramer)

Vixen (aka Vick)

Where We Stand Today...

Teeny Tiny Tabby Town currently has a foster population of 3 (Lincoln, Cruz, and Abby). The boys are still here. Nothing that's bad news, they just need to finish up their Clavamox and sniffles from last week.

But I've said it before and I'll say it again... What's the matter with people that these boys are still here??????  I imagine they won't be here for long. In the meantime, we'll ring in 2013 with resolutions to find homes for all of them. Wonder how many more there will be next year?

More Updates: And they won't be here for long (See what I get for writing this blog ahead of time???) The boys' presence has been requested for a meet and greet. If they are not adopted sometime this week, they have been cordially invited to move into the condos at Petco. While I will miss them dreadfully, it is their turn and anything that helps facilitate their adoption should not be fought against. So, this week we spoil them ridiculously and enjoy every minute with them.  As a further consequence of the boys moving on, I have been given the go-ahead to schedule Abby's surgery since their room can be used as the infirmary once it's empty.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh, Lookie...

Lookie, lookie at the little cookie who found her way to the counter top.

"Well Ruby WANTS to be here, so Ruby is GOING to be here...
So there."

"Too bad, so sad.  Try getting used to it, Lady."

Gee... I wonder where she got THAT attitude from?

"Norman will just lay here not touching anything.  You will get over his presence on your precious counter top."


Oh yeah... THAT'S where she gets it from ;)

I feel that I must add that they are NOT allowed on any counter tops other than the island... which I clean approximately 7.4 times per day (and definitely before any food preparation/consumption happens).  I'm not a complete slob, just lax on enforcing the rules.  


And As Long As She's Up There...

She might as well investigate...

"Well, well, well... What have we here?"

"How tall they are, Lady..."

"And so delightful to bat around, too!"

"Come to Ruby..."

"Just a teeny tiny little taste..."

"Hmm... Crunchy, but a tad bit bland."

It is REALLY hard to be mad when she's so darn cute.

At least she stayed out of the Christmas cookies ;)


The Weekend

Lincoln and Cruz are scheduled to return to adoption hours on Saturday, sniffles and sneezes willing.  Fingers crossed for big adoption news when I return on Monday!

Also on Monday, we'll look at our 2012 in review.  I can't believe this year is almost over!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Leapin' Lincoln

It all started with a bit of feather teasing at the door...

 "Woo HOOOOO!  Abby's got it!"

"Please, sir... Might you bring the feathers inside the door so that Lincoln might catch them?"

"HEY!  Who said Abby was done yet?"

*******************Time Passes*******************



"Please, sir... Might Cruzie have a turn with the delightful feathers next?"

"Lincoln's not done yet, Cruzie. Wait your turn!"

"Sharing is good for your heart, Lincoln."

"So is leaping. It's great for the cardiovascular system... 

"Oh yeah, baby... This bird is tasty!"

"Well that was a bit rude, Lincoln. Cruzie thought Mama taught you better than that."

"Mama taught Lincoln all sorts of things! How to catch a birdie, for instance."

"And how not to let the birdie escape..."

"And some super flexible yoga poses..."

"And break dancing too... LOOK AT LINCOLN SPIN!!!"

"WHOA... Mama never taught Cruzie how to dance like that."

"Well... Mama always did like Lincoln best."

((blink, blink))


"Oh, okay... Cruzie can have a turn.  Just be quick about it."

"Thanks, Lincoln!"

"Wait Dude... You're doing it all wrong.  Let Lincoln show you..."

"LEAP and GRAB! Not tap and bat!"



"Nom nom nom."

"Don't worry, Cruzie.  We can't all be spectacular hunters.  
Lincoln will catch all the birdies for you from now on."