Monday, September 30, 2013

The Eyes Have It

A certain Teeny Tiny resident is known for her "stink eye".

She flashes that patented stink eye expression in our direction whenever the mood strikes her.

Although as she has come to feel safe in her surroundings, 
we see less stink and more wide-eyed wonder in her every day expression.

Well... except for when she's at an adoption event. When Garnet is at the store, the stink eye returns full force. Stress causes the membranes around her eye to turn red, she squints, and it's far from unusual for someone to exclaim, "Poor baby! What's wrong with her eye?"

You know what's wrong with her eye? Not a darn thing. During the ride home from the store, her eyes return to their glorious clear and round norm. By the time we arrive home, you'd hardly know anything had bothered them.

You don't think someone this innocent looking would be giving the stink eye on purpose, do you?

"Garnet wouldn't do that? Or WOULD I? The Lady will never know."

"Or WILL she?"

Strangely enough, there are a pair of Siamese girls who seem to have the same affliction when they visit the store. Have any of you ever heard of such a thing? Or are these girls allergic to being adopted?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Laid Back Princess


"Do you mind, Lady? Princess Torii is shaved NAKED there!"

"Focus on the paws instead. See Torii do the hula dance?"

"Watch as Torii does kung fu."

"Enjoy her rendition of the Can-Can!"

"Look deep into Princess Torii's eyes and fall completely under her spell."

"Did it work yet?"

"You looked at the belly again, didn't you?"

"Cropping is your friend, Lady."

"Don't look! The spay meds made her loopy!"

FYI: The chair upon which Princess Torii did her posing is a creation of the kittens' own making. At one time, it was the chair they hid under. After I tipped it over (in order to reduce their hiding options), they removed all of the cushions and took them to separate corners of the room. They rotate blankets into the chair on an as-needed basis. It has become one of their favorite climbing and perching spots as well. Not bad for a thrift-shop special ;-)


Something we learned at this weekend's adoption event...

Miggy likes candy.

Really likes candy.

We snagged a couple of the lollipops left out for visitors to this weekend's adoption event for ourselves. When Miggy showed interest in the lolly as it was raised past his face, the kitten catcher let him sniff it. She wasn't expecting to have to hold it for him as he licked it ;-)

He tired of green apple pretty quickly though and moved on to cream soda (which is my favorite). Dude's got good taste.

No adoptions this weekend. Rain and an incredible football game for the hometown Detroit Lions seemed to keep everyone out of the store today. But our kittens are getting more and more comfortable with the showings. It was good practice for next week. And while we wait for another event? I get kitten kisses... lots and lots of kitten kisses. It's all good.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

So... Who IS That Boy Anyway?

Hello Handsome.

You've come a long way, baby.... GRIZZLY MADISON!

I knew that one among you was bound to know who that handsome boy is. After all, Heidi is... um... what would we call you, Heidi? Grizzly's grandma? Hee hee hee hee. 

He does look quite a bit like his mama, doesn't he?

I received a lovely update from Grizzly's family, which they have allowed me to share with you:

Grizzly is doing great, loves to show off his fluffy tail, gives everyone hugs and loves to be held so that he can stretch out his legs. He still enjoys water and goes into the shower all of the time. He is so loving that he wakes Joe every  morning around 4 am to snuggle under his chin or on top of his head.

Grizzly is getting big! He is beautiful and always giving us love! He is amazing, he has so much personality. I've never seen anything like him. He keeps growing and eating all of the time, has Joe trained, and is just a ball of love!

Grizzly is doing great with his scratch post. He doesn't like us clipping his nails but tolerates our insistence that his hugs don't leave scars! 

We are trying to get a picture of Grizzly's tail. He is proud of it. We don't know if he is a cat or a peacock with the way he walks around like royalty with it raised high for all to admire.

He gives everyone love and hugs when they come over, no one is immune to his charms :)

So he likes water, huh? Hopefully, this much water is no longer necessary.

There will be more updates in the days ahead.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who's That Boy?

He has certainly grown since he left here! Any guesses? I'll have a very special Teeny Tiny Tabby Town alumni update in tomorrow's blog post. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who's Your Daddy?

Hey Miggy... Who's your daddy?

Hey Maxie... Who's your daddy?

I'm thinking this gentleman may owe us some child support.

Kitten chow doesn't grow on trees, you know.

Daddy All Star arrived in the Kitten Catcher's yard a couple of days ago. He stops by to visit All-the-Way Mae and graze at the buffet. Plans are in motion to encourage his continued visits, gain his trust, and stop his genetic line. After all, he doesn't have anything left to prove... He already created perfection.

"Big Daddy... You ARE the father!!!"

FYI: His name is Maxwell.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Field Trips, Part Three

These kittens get around!

"WHAT? Max is just sitting here. That's okay, isn't it?"

"Miggy told Max about your special television, Lady." 

"You really should share, you know. We have no television at all in that room, which seems a bit unfair if you think about it."

Those white whiskers simply take my breath away.

"Away? The Roo thinks that kitten should just GO away!"

"Roo sniffed her and says NOPE! No way! Not going to happen! She smells funny."

"HOW RUDE! Max does NOT smell funny!"

It's true. Max does NOT smell funny. In fact, she's very clean... as are the rest of the residents of the front room. I walked in this afternoon to find four out of the five licking their rears with the same foot raised above each of their heads. It looked like "Synchronized Bathing"... a great coming to the Kitlympics in 2014. Maybe we need to keep this crew together in order to go for the gold ;)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Field Trips, Part Two

Garnet was more interested in the skyrocketing cost of birdseed than in meeting 
potential adopters on Sunday.

While she met and charmed many, she was determined to go somewhere 
and do something... anything but sit in that display carrier.

The girls made quite the showing (again) and we took applications (again). Somehow the universe is not sending the right people our way. We will keep trying to make the right connections and, in the meantime, they are happily ensconced in the front room with the All Stars. 


And in a field trip of a different sort...

Senor Miguel took a field trip out of the foster room and into the main house.

He made himself at home in Ruby's toy basket and found his favorite toy ever... a mousie!

He met Charlie (no hissing, no poofing).

He also met Simba (no hissing, no poofing).

He met Ruby (no poofing, limited hissing... from her, 
a light smack to the top of his head was delivered).

He watched the fish.

I mean really watched the fish.

Check out that spectacular tail!
(And ignore my appearance, please... it was a long day!)

At the end of his expedition, he draped himself on the back of the sofa and purred himself to sleep.

Gratuitous tail shot :)


Someone else took a field trip too. Her photos will have to wait for another day.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Field Trips, Part 1

Doesn't everyone arrange their foster kittens like this at adoption events?

"Right, Lady... Keep pretending that our patterning genius was YOUR idea."

We had a great Saturday at the adoption event. All of the kittens showed beautifully and we had high amounts of interest, especially in the Mayweather girls. We took some applications, but at the present time I do believe that they are all still available. (Hint, Hint) The torbie twins are going back to the event on their own Sunday for a bit of extra exposure. You know how to find out where. And if you don't, e-mail me at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com.

If anyone was wondering where Princess Torii was while the above genius was taking place...

Someone LOVES the fish at Petsmart. 
She was animatedly attempting to climb out of our arms and up the wall of tanks.
She may or may not have knocked down several price signs.

Torii had a completely different adventure later in the afternoon. She was napping on a volunteer's lap (or we thought she was napping) when she slipped off the lap, under the table, and under the aisle end cap a few feet away. I was able to get enough of myself under the shelf behind her and put an arm underneath her stomach while someone else was able to slide under the shelf beside her and grab some scruff. We all looked like dust bunnies (and not nearly as cute as the Dust Bunny over at Random Felines). It was about 60 seconds of pure mayhem involving roughly ten people and one stinker of a kitten.

She's not one bit sorry for the commotion she caused, either.

Stay tuned for field trips of a different sort tomorrow.