Sunday, September 22, 2013

Field Trips, Part Two

Garnet was more interested in the skyrocketing cost of birdseed than in meeting 
potential adopters on Sunday.

While she met and charmed many, she was determined to go somewhere 
and do something... anything but sit in that display carrier.

The girls made quite the showing (again) and we took applications (again). Somehow the universe is not sending the right people our way. We will keep trying to make the right connections and, in the meantime, they are happily ensconced in the front room with the All Stars. 


And in a field trip of a different sort...

Senor Miguel took a field trip out of the foster room and into the main house.

He made himself at home in Ruby's toy basket and found his favorite toy ever... a mousie!

He met Charlie (no hissing, no poofing).

He also met Simba (no hissing, no poofing).

He met Ruby (no poofing, limited hissing... from her, 
a light smack to the top of his head was delivered).

He watched the fish.

I mean really watched the fish.

Check out that spectacular tail!
(And ignore my appearance, please... it was a long day!)

At the end of his expedition, he draped himself on the back of the sofa and purred himself to sleep.

Gratuitous tail shot :)


Someone else took a field trip too. Her photos will have to wait for another day.


  1. Oh, Miggy. That face... those whiskers... that TAIL. **sigh**

  2. That Miggy! What a handsome boy! And I think those fish better watch out....

  3. Maybe those kittens have a bigger mission. Maybe they have been put here to drum up business and sign people up for future adoptions. Doesn't Petsmart have a stockpile of applications that are just waiting for the "right" kitty to show up?

  4. an adventure was had by all!!! those fish look like a lot of fun

  5. totally LOVE the tail.. and FISH WATCHING! totally the bestest eva..

  6. watching...if cleaning fish tanks wasn't so totally gross (cat litter isn't?) it might be a great new program for the cats.

    I sure hope the right applicants show up for those babies! They deserve special forever darned cute!