Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pretty As A...

Princess Torii!

Someone is starting to feel much more comfortable around here.

She's even interested in a slight sliver of her share of attention when I enter the room.

"Hey Lady... Look at ME!"

Even if her soul patch gives her a Machiavellian appearance...

And her regal coloring and imperious glare make her look daunting...
She can be a bit of a ham when she wants to be.

Princess Torii is really just one of the gang...

Who doesn't mind putting photobombers in their place.

"Psst! Don't look at Princess... Look at Max!"


  1. someone very lucky is going to adopt these kittens

  2. Gorgeous! Love the tussling pictures. :)

  3. Princess Tori is just beautiful - I love the one of her and Max cuddled in, neck in neck. Too sweet for words.